NeutralFlavorable Offering
Start Loroja
End Loroja
Level 30-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 16,450
Reputation +75 Storm's Wake
+75 Tortollan Seekers
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous N [30-50] Cave of Ai'twen
Next N [30-50] I Like Turtles


Gather 50 Seaweed.


Ai'twen saved many Tortollans during the great purge of the Inky Grotto. He rests here in this tranquil bubble as a reward for his service. To entice him back to our world we'll need a flavorful offering.

The seaweed that grows outside is Ai'twen's favorite meal. Its salty flavor will surely coax Ai'twen to leave the bubble for our world. Gather it from the creatures outside this cave, and where it grows wild on the reef.


You will receive:


Search for the Seaweed outside and on Makrura Brineshells[sic]


An excellent offering. Let us watch now, and see if this will suffice.


Pick up N [30-50] Response Required before heading out.

Lithia's on the beach just north of Loroja's position.

While gathering Seaweed, be on the lookout for a  [Bot Buster Bomb] in the water, which starts N [30-50] Explosive Situation.

On the surface at the northeast end of the quest area is Slickspill, a rare oil elemental that drops the  [Living Oil Canister].


Optional breadcrumb at Deadwash: A [30-50] A Turtle's Invitation

  1. N [30-50] Cleaning Bills & N [30-50] Swimming Lessons
  2. N [30-50] Cave of Ai'twen
  3. N [30-50] Flavorable Offering & N [30-50] Response Required
  4. N [30-50] I Like Turtles
  5. N [30-50] Deep Sea Venture & N [30-50] What's Yours is Mined
  6. N [30-50] Battle Victorious

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