Not to be confused with Tethyr or Ruins of Tethys.
NeutralFleet Admiral Tethys
Image of Fleet Admiral Tethys
Title Fleet Admiral, Shadow
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Class Outlaw rogue, Pirate
Resource Energy
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bloodsail Buccaneers, Uncrowned
Occupation Fleet Admiral of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, Shadow and Champion of the Uncrowned
Location Various
Status Alive
Companion(s) Crackers (formerly), Nanners

Fleet Admiral Tethys is a human located at the Hall of Shadows in Dalaran. He is a high-ranking member of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, a Shadow of the Uncrowned, and the leader of the infamous Bloodsail Buccaneers based around Booty Bay.[1]

Known to be a scurvy pirate and one of the greatest swashbucklers of the Great Sea, Tethys initially is accompanied by an axebeak named Crackers, but Crackers leaves him for the Shadowblade.[2] He is then accompanied by a small hozen named Nanners, claiming that he can't be a successful pirate captain without a proper matey and that Nanners is more handy.[3]


Fleet Admiral Tethys is a high-ranking member of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, he is known to be a scurvy and fearsome pirate, and one of the greatest swashbucklers of the Great Sea. His reputation as a bloodthirsty and ruthless pirate precedes him, creating fear in pirates of other crews.[4]

After the Cataclysm, one of his best men, Admiral Eliza Goreblade, discovered a pair of ornately crafted cutlasses inside a recently unearthed wreck not far from Booty Bay, The Dreadblades:  [Fate] and  [Fortune].[5] The moment Eliza touched them, she had a vision of herself conquering city after city, commanding a crew of lost souls. When Tethys and the rest of the Bloodsails realized the depths of her insanity and attacked her, she fought off their attack and took control of the Crimson Veil.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Following the Battle for Broken Shore, Tethys joined the Uncrowned as a Shadow of the Council of Shadows, the leaders of the secret rogue organization located in the secret Hall of Shadows, in the sewers of Dalaran.

When Lord Jorach Ravenholdt organized the Council of Shadows to obtain the rogue legendary artifacts in order to equip their champion who would operate outside and vanquished their foes, Tethys enlisted the aid of the Last Shadow in retaking their ships from Eliza's crew and The Dreadblades from Eliza's possession.[6]

He invited the Last Shadow to meet him aboard the Crimson Veil, retaken by the Bloodsails, now docked in Booty Bay in order to take them to the Dead Man's Bay in Azsuna where Eliza's crew and the legendary cursed blades were located.[7] Tethys is present alongside his men during the fighting against the Dread Fleet and manages to regain possession of the Horizon's Edge, before indicating that Eliza is in the Temple of a Thousand Lights. When the Last Shadow managed to eliminate the undead Admiral and obtain the legendary cursed blades, Tethys set sail for Dalaran and invited the rogue hero to meet him at the Hall of Shadows.[8]

After successfully securing all of the artifacts, Tethys was poisoned among the members of the Council of Shadows during their meeting by Vanessa VanCleef, Kingpin of the Defias Brotherhood, who wanted the place of Last Shadow.[9]

Some time later, Tethys contacted the Last Shadow to offer them to integrate more pirates into the ranks of the Uncrowned by using the service Yancey Grillsen who lives in Stranglethorn.[10] After recruiting Yancey into his crew, he asked him to take care of recruiting and training some crew of Pirates for the order,[11] before thanking the Last Shadow for having given him the best adventure in recent years, agreeing to become a champion in their service.[12]

Following the discovery of the body of an SI:7 agent in the sewers of Dalaran, the Uncrowned sent agents to investigate the situation in Stormwind City,[13] where they discovered that Mathias Shaw had increased the number of agents he has in Horde territory,[14] and ordered the elimination of Amber Kearnen.[15] Realizing that something was wrong with Shaw's behavior, Ravenholdt sent the Last Shadow and Fleet Admiral Tethys to investigate the relationship between the SI:7 and the Red Blade at Citrine Bay, in Stormheim,[16]

On the spot, they discovered that the Spymaster ordered the pirates to execute Amber Kearnen in exchange for access to Stormwind Harbor and a royal pardon for their past crimes committed,[17] after having questioned a captured pirate. Tethys took the opportunity to steal a lot of bottles of  [Red Blade Rum], while they also got their hands on a mysterious letter with a complex code that they brought to the Hall of Shadows, in order to find out the reasons for Mathias Shaw to eliminate his best agent.[4]

After translating the letter with  [The Raven's Eye] and uncovering the plan of the dreadlord Detheroc, Tethys accompanied Tess Greymane / Lilian Voss to Dead Man's Bay in order to deal with the Blacksail Crew, with which he already had a history, to take their  [Fel-Infused Gunpowder Cache] from them.[18][19] He also took the opportunity to take revenge on them following a story of gambling and a fight, and asked the Last Shadow to burn their stuff, expressing his thanks and satisfaction at having been avenged after the task was completed,[20] before being "betrayed" by his axebeak named Crackers, who leaves him for the Last Shadow.[2] Later he replaced Crackers by a small hozen named Nanners, claiming that he can't be a successful pirate captain without a proper matey and that Nanners is more handy.[3]

Now in possession of explosives, Tethys participated in the rescue of Mathias Shaw alongside the Uncrowned with great excitement at the idea of ​​using them to destroy demons and for the show, so much so that he let out a sob of happiness after the explosion.[3][21]

He is present in the Chamber of Shadows when Lord Jorach Ravenholdt rewarded the Last Shadow for their many exploits with the title of Shadowblade and the [Shadowblade's Murderous Omen].[22][23]


Tethys with Nanners.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Hall of Shadows 100 - 110 673,047
Stormheim 102 - 110 1,165,732


  • Spyglass
  • Stealth


Quest text
  • Aye, matey! We've had some good voyages together! Blood was spilt, rum was drank, n' our search fer clues was a success! I'll level wit' ye, <name>. I be not havin' such an adventure in some years now. Sailin' wit' ye felt like early mornin' on th' poop deck when th' salty ocean rum splashes ye wide awake! How abouts I come aboard n' join yer crew as first matey?[24]


Hall of Shadows

What can I do for ya?

Gossip What's with the hozen?

Ye can't find any loyalty in th' feathered folk. Crackers might've left me shipwrecked, but I can't be a successful pirate captain without a proper matey! Nanners is me new partner, and he's been right handy!
Who needs a bird, anyway? Nanners is a much more useful crewmate.
Citrine Bay
Keep a watchful eye, <name>... thar be a band 'o pirates yonder!


  • Good ta see ya.
  • I'm all ears.
  • Let's have a chat.
  • Aye?
  • Keep yer sights on the horizon.
  • Stop by anytime.
  • Be seein' ye.
  • Take it easy.


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