Floor Log Rap (FLR) is a DKP loot system variant. The fundamental unit of currency is the Raid Attendance Point (RAP). Each player's RAP total determines a loot tier assignment for that player. Players in higher tiers have priority over players in lower tiers. Players in lower tiers "catch up" to players in higher tiers at an exponential rate based on raid attendance.


Loot distribution process

  1. Boss dies and drops items. Each player present immediately earns 1 RAP for each item.
  2. One item at a time, bids are placed by players interested in "need" upgrades.
  3. A winner is randomly chosen from amongst the bidders in the highest tier.
  4. The winner falls down one loot tier
  5. If there are no bids, the item is open rolled.

Mechanic Details

  • Each player enters the system with 0 RAP.
  • Loot tier (LT) spacing is determined by an exponential function.
Loot Tier RAP Required
0 1
1 3
2 8
3 21
4 55
5 149
  • After winning an item, set the winner's RAP equal to


  • It is extremely improbable for players who are brand new to the content to win loot that is desired by a more veteran raid member.
  • The "DKP gap" closes exponentially fast. Players who are newer to the content catch up very quickly to be able to win loot as often as more veteran raid members.
  • "Mexican standoff" point hoarding situations are perturbed by open rolls within tiers and an influx of new players into the top tier. There is little benefit to passing on a "need" upgrade in the hopes of getting a future upgrade.
  • Players who raid for a long time with no loot drops for them (i.e. overgeared players going back and clearing earlier content, or classes with few upgrades in a particular raid zone) are favored for future upgrades.


  • The log base in the formulas above can be easily changed to vary the spacing of the loot tiers. This has the impact of making it easier (or harder) for lower tiers to catch up with higher tiers.
Loot Tier RAP Required
. Base 2 Natural Base 3 Base 4 Base 10
0 1 1 1 1 1
1 2 3 3 4 10
2 4 8 9 16 100
3 8 21 27 64 1000
4 16 55 81 256 10000
5 32 149 243 1024 100000
  • The RAP assignment and distribution is also configurable. This allows raids to set higher rewards for higher tier content, i.e. T6 items may be worth 2 RAP while T5 items are only worth 1 RAP.