Fly, Spy!

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HordeFly, Spy!
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Type Dungeon
Category Theramore's Fall
Previous H [85D] Tanks for Nothing!
Next H [85D] Minimum Safe Distance


Slay Hedric Evencane and free Thalen Songweaver in Foothold Citadel.


The First of Garrosh[sic] is going the[sic] level Theramore Isle... but not until we free the spy whose intelligence made this operation possible.

Enter Foothold Citadel and slay Captain Evencane for his shackles key.

Our spy, the Sunreaver mage Thalen Songweaver, is being held beneath the barracks.


  1. H [85D] To the Waterline!
  2. H [85D] The Blastmaster
  3. H [85D] Gryphon, Down
  4. H [85D] Tanks for Nothing!
  5. H [85D] Fly, Spy!
  6. H [85D] Minimum Safe Distance

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