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AllianceFlynn Fairwind
Image of Flynn Fairwind
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Resource Energy
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) SI:7, Citizens Brigade, Admirality of Kul Tiras
Occupation Captain of the Bold Arva and the Middenwake[1]
Former occupation(s) Pirate
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Lyra (mother),
Klause (unknown relation)[2]
Mathias Shaw (lover)[3]
Companion(s) Mathias (parrot pet)[4]

Flynn Fairwind is a human from Kul Tiras. A former pirate captain, he now serves the interests of Kul Tiras as long as he gets paid. He is the captain of the Middenwake and the Bold Arva. Flynn styles himself as a charismatic and dashing rogue, with seedy contacts throughout Tiragarde Sound and a talent for improvising to turn a bad situation around. However, he has a habit of being captured or humiliated and needing to be bailed out by his friends, typically the adventurer or Taelia Fordragon.[5][6] Still, Flynn remains a loyal and honest friend, as well as an asset to the Alliance.

Flynn serves as the Alliance manager for island expeditions, and a major character in the Tiragarde Sound storyline, where he helps the Alliance ambassador uncover the connection between House Ashvane and the recent pirate attacks in Kul Tiras. Flynn also personally aided Mathias Shaw during the events of Shadows Rising.


Early life[]

Though his mother always insisted that she was a barmaid, a young Flynn discovered that she was really a thief. He was initially angry and sad that she didn't trust him with the truth but came to the conclusion that any mother willing to risk life and liberty for her son must be full of love. However, his mother was eventually caught and Flynn made himself go and watch her execution by hanging.[7] Sometime afterward, he was taken advantage of by the local gangs, who had him picking pockets and distracting guards for them.[8]

Flynn eventually came to be the captain of his own pirate crew, with Harlan Sweete as his first mate. He witnessed Harlan commit acts that he didn't like, leading Flynn to consider him a maniac.[9] The apparent last straw was when the two had a falling out after a messy job and this, plus his disgust over Harlan's behavior, caused Flynn to lose all taste for freebooting, so he just disappeared from Freehold one day. Venrik even came to believe that he had died.[10] Meanwhile, Harlan took the nastiest of the crew and formed the Irontide Raiders.[5]

Flynn met or came to know of Taelia Fordragon[11] while he was still a pirate and developed a crush on her. Even though he would go on about her all the time, he appears to have not have mentioned her by name to his compatriots like Venrik, describing her as having "hair like raven's down."[12]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Flynn was encountered by an Alliance adventurer as a prisoner in Tol Dagor, the island prison owned by House Ashvane. He had intentionally gotten arrested because Cyrus Crestfall hired him to break the adventurer out of Tol Dagor.[13] Flynn staged a prison break and met with Taelia, who was waiting with an escape boat to take them back to Boralus.[14]

Flynn later worked with Mathias Shaw to retrieve the Abyssal Scepter, a stolen tidesage artifact, from the Zandalari treasury. The serious spymaster didn't get along with Flynn at first, not appreciating his quips, but seemed to warm up to him by the end of the scenario. Once the real scepter was taken and swapped out with a fake one, they made an escape from Opulence.[15]

He can also appear drunk in Boralus during the Faction Assaults.[16]

Shadows Rising[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

After winning the Bold Arva in dice, Flynn and his assembled crew were tasked with aiding Mathias Shaw in his mission to further intelligence on the possibility that Banshee loyalists were within Zandalar. In light of the storm brewing, Flynn directed Shaw below deck, declaring that Shaw didn't have the sea legs for it and that he was too drunk. While below deck, Shaw received messages from Swailes from his agents Narsilla Keensight and Krazzet. When Flynn learned who the messages were from, he declared it very paranoid of Shaw. While acknowledging that they signed an armistice with the Horde, Shaw pointed out that it doesn't mean that they weren't watching them. He then stated his belief that only a fool mistakes peacetime for complacency.

Flynn then asked what was happening within the Horde, and Shaw revealed that an assassination attempt was made on Queen Talanji of the Zandalari Empire at a Horde Council meeting. While Shaw was pleased to have had eyes on the assassination, Flynn wondered if the storm around Zandalar was caused by Talanji as a way to keep the whole island on lockdown, with nobody going in or out until they found the assassins. Unbeknownst to them, the storm had been created by Apari, the leader of the Widow's Bite who was behind the assassination attempt on Talanji, as a means to isolate her.

As the mission progressed, Shaw found himself bonding with Flynn and greatly sympathized with the other man when he learned that Flynn witnessed his mother's death by hanging for thievery. After landing on Zandalar to avoid the storm, Flynn suggested making their way to Fort Victory. However, Shaw revealed that after the armistice with the Horde was signed, they ceded control of those encampments and that any sign of them on Zandalar shall be taken as an act of aggression. In light of this knowledge, Flynn's first order of business was to hide their ship. Though Shaw privately thought it was wiser to stay abroad the ship, he consented to the group going on land, understanding that morale was low and a brief stint on land always did a sailor good.

After disembarking the ship, Shaw spied a Widow's Bite camp and upon investigating it, he discovered evidence suggesting that the group was in working with the Banshee loyalists. He then ordered Flynn to get the ship ready to sail, while he gathered more evidence only to end up captured by the Zandalari. While a distressed Flynn and the crew made it with all haste to Kul Tiras in the hopes of getting rescue for Shaw, the spymaster was thrown into a cell within Dazar'alor.

After arriving at Boralus, Flynn subsequently barged into House Proudmoore's dining hall to reveal that the Zandalari had taken Shaw prisoner. While Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner sought to respond with war against the Zandalari, convinced that they were working with Sylvanas Windrunner, Jaina Proudmoore called upon them to not add fuel on an already kindly fire and risk the treaty. Jaina then stated she would use the treaty itself before turning to the blade.

Flynn was in Stormwind when Shaw was released from Horde custody and returned home. He was so overjoyed to see Shaw freed nearly shoved King Anduin Wrynn out of way to wrap him in a tight warm hug, that Mathias returned. Shaw then revealed that there was something that he wanted to talk about with Flynn and asked him to meet at the Gilded Rose that night, causing the other man to blush which said all that Shaw needed to know.[7]

Terror by Torchlight[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

After they returned from Zandalar, Flynn and Mathias barely interacted with each other until one day when Flynn won a treasure map of Duskwood in a card game and convinced Shaw to come with him for an adventure and a bit of fun. Near the Tranquil Gardens Cemetery, the two came across the Night Watch commander Sarah Ladimore suffering from a mysterious rotting illness and brought her back to Darkshire, where she revealed that she had been attacked while investigating a report that the Torch of Holy Flame—an artifact used to keep the undead of Duskwood at bay—had gone missing from where it had been placed on Forlorn Rowe. During the conversation, more injured Night Watchers arrived and revealed that an army of undead was heading from Raven Hill to Darkshire.

Flynn and Mathias set out for Raven Hill on gryphonback. Along the way they passed over the Twilight Grove and agreed that they would head to a moonwell for their next, more peaceful adventure. Upon reaching Forlorn Rowe, the two rogues quickly discovered the culprit responsible for stealing the torch, a human necromancer, and (after Mathias offered some encouraging words to his companion) followed her down into the Dawning Wood Catacombs while avoiding detection by her undead minions. In the deepest level of the crypt, they found the necromancer attempting to corrupt the torch within a ritual circle. Mathias revealed himself and began talking with the necromancer to distract her while Flynn used rum from one of his bottles to wash away the bone powder making up the circle. While Mathias attacked the necromancer, Flynn grabbed the torch and realized that it could be cleansed of corruption in a moonwell. The necromancer managed to curse Mathias with the same rotting disease that had afflicted Ladimore, but the two rogues used their blades and the torch to fight their way out of the catacomb and used one of the Night Watch's left-behind gryphons to escape to the Twilight Grove. The necromancer pursued them on her winged undead horse and blasted them off their gryphon as it came down to land in the grove. Although his skin was now covered in sores, Mathias declared he'd keep the necromancer busy. As Shaw and his opponent fought, Flynn plunged the torch into the moonwell, reigniting it and allowing him to use it to set the necromancer aflame and kill her.

With the necromancer's death, the illness affecting Shaw and Ladimore vanished. The Torch of Holy Flame was returned to Forlorn Rowe, and Ladimore commended the two rogues for saving Duskwood. As they didn't get to complete their treasure hunt, Mathias gave Flynn's map to the Night Watch, and the watchers returned with the treasure as a gift to the rogues: a hand mirror. Afterward, Mathias told Flynn that there were many powerful artifacts like the torch scattered across the world and that King Anduin frequently sent him to check up on them. With Azeroth relatively quiet for the time being, it was time for Shaw to go on an inspection trip—and he wanted Flynn to come with him on the journey. When Flynn asked why, Mathias simply responded "Because I trust you". Flynn agreed, and the two kissed.[17]

Exploring Azeroth[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

When Shaw was granted a temporary leave by King Anduin Wrynn to travel through the Eastern Kingdoms in order to write up reports on its people, on its places, to inventory some powerful artifacts and ensure that they are safe, but also to meet contacts of the Spymaster to collect as much information as possible on the situation of the continent, Flynn joined him, claiming to want to "prove my worth by assisting the Spymaster and his right Royal Majesty King Anduin."[18]

For the sake of their mission and relations between the two factions, the duo obtained permission from the Horde Council, signed by Baine Bloodhoof, to pass through Horde territories without being attacked.[19]

Following their mission, Shaw and Flynn managed to find the lost crown of the late King Terenas Menethil II, buried in a secret memorial behind the Stormwind lighthouse. The duo believes it was done by Lordaeron refugees who buried it there, so the survivors of Lordaeron would have a place to mourn their king, and that neither Arthas nor anyone can ever find the crown. After verifying and confirming the presence of the crown, they buried it once more and agreed to continue keeping the secret, without telling Anduin anything about it.[20]

The Vow Eternal[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Flynn accompanied by Shaw was among those who attended the wedding of Lor'themar Theron and Thalyssra. During the reception, he spoke with Taelia, where he discovered that Jaina Proudmoore didn't attend the wedding due to the kingdom experiencing pirate troubles. He subsequently inquired as to their flags, in order to see if they were old mates of his and thus could provide aid in handling them.[21]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Flynn bought a pet from Wilder Seabraid of T&W Trading Post as a surprise for Shaw. Later, he can be found at SI:7 headquarters.


Location Level range Reaction Notes
Tol Dagor, Harbormaster's Office, Boralus; Various, Tiragarde Sound 10-60 Alliance As part of the Tiragarde Sound storyline.
Boralus Harbor, Boralus 10-50 Alliance Horde
Freehold 10-50 Alliance
Uncharted Island 50 Alliance
Island Expeditions 40-60 Alliance Horde
Zandalari Treasury; Zuldazar 50 Elite Alliance
Stormwind City 1-70 Alliance Horde Visiting the T&W Trading Post.


  • Inv sword 1h garrison a 04 Riposte — Stabs the enemy, inflicting Physical damage.
  • Ability stealth Stealth — Puts the caster in stealth mode. Lasts until cancelled.
  • Inv sword 1h garrison a 04 Thrust — Thrusts the caster's weapon at the enemy, inflicting Physical damage and additional Physical damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.
Zandalari Treasury
  • Roll the Bones


Objective of[]



  • Ahoy!
  • I'm all ears.
  • A job's a job mate!
  • Blood or gold, everything has a cost.
  • What's the word?
  • Are you thirsty? I'm thirsty.
  • What's your story?
  • Watch your back out there.
  • Keep your powder dry!
  • Eyes on the horizon.
  • Next rounds on me.
  • See you around.
  • Let's get paid!
  • Don't look back.


At Eastpoint Station

Cagney fished this girl out of the water with his ferry - said she was trying to escape the foundry.

Doesn't surprise me one bit that the Ashvane Company is putting kids to work. I was barely older than her when the gangs in Boralus had me picking pockets and distracting guards for them.

In this world, the weaker you are, the more people take advantage of you.

At Ashvane Foundry

Fortunately the workers don't seem to mind us snooping around... just the company goons.

You get what we need?

Outside Freehold

Let's split up.

You investigate the docks, I'll see about getting us into town.

Near the entrance to Freehold

Good news: I think they're gonna let us in.

Bad news: We technically have to become pirates to get in.

Vigil Hill

What, were you worried? Haha!


Ah... still a bit sore. But I'll be fine.

Besides, my job's done, mate.

You and Taelia go on back to Boralus and do the hero thing.

Gossip What will you do now?

Oh, I don't know, maybe find me someone nice, settle down on a little farm somewhere...

What do you THINK I'm gonna do, mate?!

I'm gonna get my money from Cyrus, buy everyone a round at The Snug Harbor, and look for the next adventure.

Only way to live, my friend.

In Boralus

Yes? We've got our orders, the Azerite's waiting, just take a look at the table and you let me know when you're ready to ship out.

I'm know, I'm hard not to look at, I get that a lot, but we've got to focus here.

Gossip I'd like an Islands Expedition private tour.
Gossip I'd like an Islands Expedition private tour. (Heroic)
Gossip I'd like an Islands Expedition private tour. (Mythic)

At T&W Trading Post and SI:7

Nice to see you <name>! Hope you are enjoying yourself in SI:7, I keep telling Mathias he needs to spruce the place up.



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World quests


  • Getting your hands on an invitation will make the job easier. Or, just rush in and attempt to kill three of the most feared pirate captains all at once. Your decision, mate.
  • I've got it on good authority the captains are gathering to meet. If we get into that party, you can cut off all the heads from this hydra in one fell swoop!
  • Not even fish drink like the Bilge Rats! If you can keep up with this zoo, Captain Eudora won't be able to resist inviting you to the meeting.
  • The Blacktooth Brawlers love hardening their knuckles in a fight. If you can loosen their teeth, Captain Raoul will definitely want you at the meeting.

Island Expeditions[]

Main article: Island Expedition (2) (Alliance)#Notes
  • We're here, and this wind's not doing my hair any favors. Let's get the Azerite and get out quick, yeah?
  • Anchor's away and planks are down! We'll get the Azerite detector online, you handle the bad guys.
  • Azerite detector's up! We should have a view of the whole island now.
  • Detector's online. I'll mark the Azerite locations on the map. You're welcome.
  • Looks like we've arrived! We'll get the detector up and running while you get acquainted with the island.
  • Ship's docked! Enjoy your adventure while we spin up the ol' Azerite detector.
  • This island's coughing up a serious amount of Azerite. There should be a large cluster of it nearby.
  • We've got the detector working! Check your map to see where the Azerite lies.
  • Whoa, the detector's going barmy. There's got to be a major Azerite explosion somewhere on the island.
  • Wow. That is a lot of Azerite showing up near us. Better check it out before the Horde does.
Enemies arriving
  • A few of the island trolls have showed up, probably also after the Azerite plunder. If you could keep them away from the ship, we'd really appreciate it.
  • Do you hear howling? I hear howling. That's... never good. I think I'll see how things are going below deck!
  • Heads up, we've got some tol'vir ships on the horizon, and they do not look like they want to engage in peaceful trade. So let's hurry up out there, please?
  • Hey, friends? A big dragon just decided to join the fun, and it looks interested in your Azerite. Just thought I'd let you know.
  • Hey, so, it looks like we've got a lord of the elements here looking for the same Azerite we are. I'm just gonna hang out below deck while you deal with this... situation.
  • Is anyone else hearing whispers? Either I'm going crazy, or there's some faceless on the island. Oh, and they're after the Azerite.
  • Looks like the Azerite's caught the eye of some elemental forces. There's probably a lord after our stash. But finders keepers, am I right?
  • Saw some mogu around the island just now. Keep an eye out... we're, uh, not friends.
  • So those are taunka, eh? And I thought the tauren looked rough! Get the Azerite--but watch your backside around those horns.
  • Some unfriendly island trolls have decided to crash this party. They're making camp around the island.
  • That is a storm of shadowy darkness. Super. Has to be Old Gods. Watch out for tentacles.
  • Tol'vir ships just made landfall. How does everyone know where the Azerite is? I hate this stuff. Can you go deal with them?
  • We've got a pirate crew making landfall. Because where there's treasure on an island, you've got to have pirates, of course.
  • What would an undead vrykul even do with Azerite? Here's hoping we never find out. Be a sport and eliminate them, would you?
  • What's that in the waves? Oh, wow, ok, a whole lot of saurok just surfaced from the depths. This is all on you.
  • Whoa! What just flew overhead? Did you see that? There's a big dragon somewhere on the island. Watch it.
  • Whoa, this is not normal weather for this climate. All this Azerite must have gotten the attention of an elemental lord. Be careful. Or kill them. Or both!
  • And a HUGE dragon just flew in out of nowhere, because that's what I need today. It's been a real week for me, you know? Anyway, yeah, dragon.
  • Are those... taunka canoes on the horizon? They've come a long way for some Azerite. Let's make sure they leave empty-handed.
  • Ever wonder what's worse than a vrykul? An undead vrykul, apparently. Why don't you put those things out of our misery?
  • Feral worgen? I assumed that wet dog smell was coming from you! No offense. Mind taking care of this?
  • Great... It appears we have some sort of cult on our hands. Better keep them away from the Azerite--and plug your ears around their chanting!
  • Hey, h-heroes? A lord of water's sent his troops to steal our Azerite, and I'm f-f-freezing. Get in there and take them down! I didn't pack for this.
  • Hey, so, we've spotted some kvaldir ships, and they'll be here any minute. Must be for the Azerite. Why did I take this job, again?
  • It is getting HOT. What in the world is... oh. Well, that explains it. A lord of fire's sent his forces after the Azerite. Great. Good. Super.
  • Look, I'm no expert on cultists, but I'd wager it's better for the Azerite to be in our hands rather than theirs.
  • Just spotted a huge cluster of Azerite crystals close by. Must be causing this quake.
  • Pirate ship on the horizon. Probably looking to plunder this place, too. Pirates are always doing that.
  • Sails aren't gonna last long in this hurricane. There's gotta be an elemental lord of wind sending his minions after the Azerite. Sailing outta here's gonna be tough so long as they're around.
  • Saurok just showed up. Probably sniffed out the Azerite. Wait, do they have noses? I'm not going to ask them.
  • Some naga just made their way to the island, looking for Azerite. No doubt on a mission for our friend Azshara. What is her deal, anyway?
  • Some, uh, mogu just landed on the island. Not sure what they're doing. Gonna let you look into it.
  • Things are getting awfully misty over here. That's got to be kvaldir. Keep a look out... if you can, you know, manage to see anything.
  • Um, a large dragon just landed on the island. You know my boat is flammable, right? Keep it away. Far, far away.
  • Venture Company's starting operations in several locations around the island. You should go put them out of business.
  • Vrykul flotilla just arrived. A whole lot of really mean looking warriors are making camp around the island, from what I can see from behind this barrel.
  • Vrykul ships are on the way. Looks like a raiding party. They're always raiding stuff. It's their thing.
  • We're about to be neck-deep in bugs over here... huge mantid swarm incoming. I'll be below deck, you kids have fun!
  • We've got naga slithering out of the depths, looking like they're going to raid our stash. I'm going to go ahead and load the cannons now.
  • We've spotted Venture Company goons around the island. Looks like a hostile takeover is underway.
  • You're going to love this. The mantid just showed up. Of course, they're after the Azerite, too. Of course.
Bonus objectives
  • Good news: We have a jetpack! Bad news: It's missing some parts. Always something, isn't it?
  • Hmm, this siege engine has definitely seen better days. We'll have to repair it with whatever we can find.
  • I can't believe those gnomes sold me an incomplete jetpack! It needs more components if it's going to work.
  • It may not look like much, but this scrap heap packs a serious punch. It just needs a few more gizmos first.
  • See that broken hunk of junk? I've got an idea for it. Let's find some spare parts and bring it back on its feet.
  • We have a siege engine! Well... pieces of a siege engine. Salvage anything we can use to rebuild it.
  • Just listen to that engine purr! I think it's time to take our siege engine out for a spin.
  • Some assembly required, but it looks like the jetpack is ready for launch. Good luck! Seriously, you might need it.
  • Yes! Now that we've rebuilt this robot... you're going to blow it up. Preferably close to our enemies, and far from me.
  • Hey, we're almost done here! Just a bit more, and we'll ship out.
  • Hull's half full of Azerite. Keep it up, you are doing just great.
  • Hull's nearly full of Azerite. Get the sails ready! We can head out as soon as you're done.
  • Just about done here! Eyes sharp, ears open, you've got this.
  • Our hold's glittering and shining! Just a few more of these rocks, and we're off.
  • We're at the halfway mark! Keep that momentum going and we'll be out of here in no time.
  • We're halfway there, team. Now don't let me down.
  • Don't mean to alarm you, but the Horde's ship looks pretty full. And once they're full, we'll have to ship out too.
  • Horde's almost taken their fill. Just try and grab as much as you can, okay?
  • Looks like the Horde's wrapping up. We'll be sitting ducks if we don't leave soon.
  • The Horde almost have us beat. Gather that Azerite as fast as you can!
Successful end
  • Aaaaand we're done here. Great work, let's head home.
  • And we're off! Wow, look at that haul. Nice job out there.
  • Azerite stores are full! Now let's get outta here before they notice we're leaving.
Unsuccessful end
  • Can't win them all, right? We'll get them next time.
  • Don't beat yourself up about it, we still managed a decent haul.
  • Everyone aboard! We've gotta get outta here before we lose our ship.
  • Hey, it happens. Next time you see these guys, just think about claiming some sweet, sweet revenge.

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