For target focusing, see Focus target. For the Pet Battle ability, see [Focus]. For the item, see  [Focus].

Focus is the resource that both Hunters and their pets expend to use their respective abilities. Focus is similar to the Rogue's Energy resource, in that it is a constant 100 points (105/110 with the Hunter [Exotic Beasts] talent [Kindred Spirits]). By default the focus bar is full and when used, it regenerates fairly slowly (see below). The regeneration rate is not affected by being in combat.

Many focus-using abilities have cooldowns as well, so hunters will often be concerned with maintaining enough focus to use abilities on cooldown, rather than pooling it for large focus dumps.



Hunter pet

Past implementations

During early stages of World of Warcraft development, Hunters themselves used Focus and it only regenerated when standing still. However, this distinguishing feature was dropped before launch.

Patch changes