NeutralFocusing the Eye
Start Projection of Ve'nari [37.4, 26.9]
End Danica [37.0, 19.3]
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Chains of Domination
Experience 8,150
Reputation +500 Ve'nari
Rewards Blind the Eye
25g 74s
Previous N [60] Tears of the Damned, N [60] Anger Management
Next N [60] Good News, Everyone!

Focusing the Eye is the climax of the "Focusing the Eye" chapter of the Chains of Domination campaign. Upon completion of this quest, players will be free of the Eye of the Jailer effect in the Maw.


Eye of the Jailer
The Eye of the Jailer searches the Maw for enemies of the Jailer.

Go to the Terminus Platform and use the Ilskahorn to summon the Wrath of Odyn.


Focusing the Eye

The combination of grief and rage you have harvested is sufficient for your needs. Most likely.

If you insist on seeing this ill-advised endeavor through, use the horn at the Terminus Platform, where the River of Souls flows upward to Torghast. The energies there are most potent indeed.

The presence of your golden allies should draw the Jailer's Eye. I only hope this does not prove to be the end of you. I hate to see an investment wasted.


You will unlock access to:

  • Inv misc eye 04.png  Blind the Eye — The Eye of the Jailer no longer falls upon you in the Maw.

You will also receive:


There will be songs immortalizing the deeds of this day, <name>.


Chosenseeker Eye

Head back into Gorgoa, north to the platform where Ekphoras, Herald of Grief normally appears, then use the bonus ability:

Inv misc horn 04.png  Use Ilskahorn — Summons the Wrath of Odyn to challenge the Eye of the Jailer. 3 sec cast
Danica says: We hear the call of Ilskahorn, <name>! The Eye will be compelled to focus upon us. Prepare for glorious battle!
Danica yells: To think that Odyn's eye could be twisted into something so vile... Strike this abomination down!
Danica yells: The smaller eyes protect it, Maw Walker. Use my spear to ground them... then destroy them!

While in the encounter, the usual Gorgoan Lament effect is suppressed, as players instead gain Odyn's Wrath:

Inv misc horn 04.png  Odyn's Wrath — Summons the Wrath of Odyn. Untimed buff that increases damage by 20%, and regens 5% of max health every 4 seconds

To start out, all of the eyes are unattackable by players. Watch out for the occasional swirlies, as getting caught by one will debuff players caught in it with three stacks of Shattered Soul:

Sha spell shadow shadesofdarkness.png  Shattered Soul — A shard of the target's soul inflicts X Shadow damage every 1 sec., reduces movement speed by 20%, and damage and healing done by 30% until the target collects their soul shard. 30 sec debuff. Stacks three times. Players can also get 30 yards away from the soul fragments to lift the debuff.

Run into a spear somewhere on the platform, then use the bonus ability Valorous Harpoon to stun one of the Chosenseeker Eyes guarding the Eye of the Jailer:

Inv polearm 2h odynspear d 02.png  Valorous Harpoon 100 yd range — Throw a harpoon to pull down one of the Choseenseeker Eyes protecting the Eye of the Jailer. Instant

This makes the targeted eye attackable, so defeat it, then rinse and repeat until all the smaller eyes are dead. A cutscene plays:

Danica says: The Eye is vulnerable!
Danica says: Strike swiftly, sisters! For Odyn!
The four val'kyr wail on the eye.
Danica says: Our enemy flees. After it, sisters!
It turns tail, flying in the direction of Torghast.
Danica says: The Eye retreats to its master's side.
Danica says: Your part in this is done, Maw Walker. Come.

On completion, the Eye of the Jailer mechanic goes away, and the UI on screen is removed.


  1. N [60] A Show of Gratitude
  2. N [60] Ease of Passage
  3. N [60] Grab Bag
  4. N [60] Hearing Aid
  5. N [60] Birds of a Feather
  6. N [60] The Caged Bird
  7. N [60] Claim the Sky
  8. N [60] A Hate-Hate Relationship
  9. N [60] Fury Given Voice, N [60] The Chosen Few
  10. N [60] Wrath of Odyn
  11. N [60] Mawsplaining
  12. N [60] Tears of the Damned, N [60] Anger Management
  13. N [60] Focusing the Eye
  14. N [60] Good News, Everyone!

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