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Follow can refer to one of two things:

Game command

Follow is a game command that will make your character track and move a short distance behind another selected Player character. The command is typed as /follow, /fol or simply /f, followed by the name of the intended target. If no name is provided, the current target will be followed.

  • Any manual forward/back movement (up/down arrows, W/S keys, or left/right mouse buttons at the same time) will cancel Follow-mode.
  • Cannot be used on mobs, NPCs, or pets.
  • Can only be activated within a certain range.
  • Sometimes called "Auto-Follow" or "Follow Mode".
  • See Useful_macros#Follow_with_Emote a macro that deals with following.
  • See MACRO follow for technical details.


This is a very useful thing to have in the game, as it lets a player keep up with a group as they go AFK, etc. However it should be used sparingly and not simply for a free tow on strangers whenever you are feeling lazy.

Patch changes

  • PTR client.png Patch 0.6 (2004-04-13): You will no longer automatically sit down while following someone.

Pet command

Ability tracking.png

Follow is a pet command. The two pet movement commands Follow and Move To are mutually exclusive, and one is always active on a pet at any given time. Follow is the normal mode for pets, and is switched on by default.

Outside of combat, a pet set to Follow will stay close to its master, and follow it as it moves. Giving the Follow command to a pet currently set to Move To will cause it to return to its master. Pets set to Follow will still follow normal behaviour rules set by their stance (Assist, Defensive or Passive) and respond to the Attack command; after combat ends they will return to their master and resume following. Mounting automatically sets pets to Follow, although the icon is de-illuminated while mounted.