AllianceFollow that Cat
Start Automatic [63.8, 20.3]
End Bwemba
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Rise of the Zandalari
Rewards 16g 54s
Previous B [85] The Hunter's Revenge
Next Mauti


Find Direhammer before it's too late!


Well, that explains why Mauti seemed smaller... The real Mauti has run off with Grent Direhammer, but being the wise hunter that he is, he has fired off flares so you can track him. Find Direhammer before it's too late!


We be here... Da hunter, he be in da cave. Da beast... Sometin' ain't right about her...


Direhammer dropped white flares all along the path. The trail stops not far from the mouth of a small cave. Grent is inside, being gnawed on by a baby cat. Mauti, meanwhile, is snoozing outside the cave.


Optional breadcrumb: A [85] The Troll Incursion / H [85] The Zandalari Menace

  1. B [85] Bwemba's Spirit
  2. A [85] To Fort Livingston / H [85] To Bambala
  3. B [85] Serpents and Poison
  4. B [85] Spirits Are With Us
  5. B [85] Nesingwary Will Know
  6. B [85] Track the Tracker
  7. B [85] The Hunter's Revenge
  8. B [85] Follow that Cat
  9. B [85] Mauti
  10. B [85] How's the Hunter Holding Up?
  11. B [85] Bury Me With Me Boots...
  12. A [85] Warn the Rebel Camp / H [85] Warn Grom'gol
  13. A [85] Defend the Rebel Camp / H [85] Defend Grom'gol
  14. A [85] To the Digsite / H [85] To Hardwrench Hideaway
  15. B [85] Voodoo Zombies
  16. B [85] Bad Supplies
  17. A [85] Making Contact / H [85] Making Contact
  18. N [35H] Booty Bay's Interests
  19. N [85H] A Shiny Reward

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