NeutralFor the Birds
Start Mylune
End Mylune
Level 35-40 (Requires 35)
Type Dungeon
Category Everbloom
Experience 15070
Rewards  [Everbloom Peachick]
15g 40s
Next N [35-40D] Put a Bird on It


Find a Tiny Peachick Hatchling in The Everbloom.


Hi! Have you ever held a peachick hatchling?

<Without warning, Mylune grabs both of your hands and then stuffs a tiny chirping bird in them.>

Isn't it so small and light and downy? Like you're holding a beaky peepy lil' CLOUD! It's so adorable you can't help but hug it and cuddle it and stuff regurgitated food in its teeny-tiny mouth.

<Name>, the plantfolk in the Everbloom are turning peachicks into monsters before they can grow into beautiful swans. Or whatever they grow into. Please help them!


You will receive:  [Everbloom Peachick] and 15g 40s.


Have you rescued a peachick? We're all they have, and those awful plant creatures are doing terrible things to them!

<Mylune's voice suddenly drops two octaves and sends a chill up your spine.>

Terrible. Things.


<Mylune gently lifts the tiny little bird to her face, nuzzling it. It crawls onto her shoulder and disappears into her nest of green hair. A moment later, a beautiful fan of brightly-colored tailfeathers emerges from the top of her head.>

<Mylune's bright blue eyes grow moist with tears and her mouth goes slack with adoration. You've made the dryad VERY happy.>


  • 15070 XP

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