HordeFor the Horde!

Plant the banner
Start Thrall [48.7, 65.3]
End Gazlowe [48.7, 64.9]
Level 10-40
Category Frostfire Ridge
Experience 13700
Rewards Item level 510 weapons
11g 40s
Previous H [10-40] Of Wolves and Warriors
Next H [10-40] Back to Work, H [10-40] A Gronnling Problem


Plant the Horde Banner to Claim the Land.


Without you, none of us would have made it to the shores of my homeland. You will be the one to lead our forces here on Draenor. This is your garrison to found.

I leave it to you to plant the banner and claim this territory. When you are ready, I will have Khadgar open a portal to bring through a few necessary reinforcements.


You will be able to choose one of:

Item level 510 weapons
Inv axe 1h draenorquest b 01.png [Frostwolf Hand Axe] Inv axe 1h draenorquest b 01.png [Frostwolf Cleaver]
Inv axe 2h draenorquest b 01.png [Frostwolf Greataxe] Inv bow 2h crossbow draenorquest b 01.png [Frostwolf Hunting Crossbow]
Inv knife 1h draenorquest b 01.png [Frostwolf Boot Knife] Inv staff 2h draenorquest b 01.png [Frostwolf Augury Staff]
Inv polearm 2h draenorquest b 01.png [Frostwolf Mountaineering Stick] Inv mace 1h draenorquest b 02.png [Frostwolf Wind-Talker Cudgel]

You will also receive: 11g 40s


Backup via portal

A dozen or so yards in front of Thrall, a ghostly Horde banner appears. Interact with it to plant it:

Thrall says: This terrain is ideal for a stronghold.
Archmage Khadgar says: I can open up a portal to Orgrimmar only briefly. Reinforcements are standing by, I hope?
Thrall says: The very best.
A strike team pops out of the portal.
Gazlowe says: Somebody call for a fixer?
Khadgar sighs, his tone skeptical.
Archmage Khadgar says: ... You're entrusting a goblin to be your foreman?
Thrall takes no umbrage, simply stating the facts.
Thrall says: Gazlowe, here, oversaw the construction of Orgrimmar.
Gazlowe says: Orgrimmar! The impenetrable fortress!
Gazlowe bows as he speaks, quite proud of that bit of work. However Khadgar takes a bit out of his sails with a bemused reminder.
Archmage Khadgar says: Wasn't it recently sacked?
Gazlowe grumbles a bit at this.
Gazlowe says: Yeah yeah, okay, one little sacking.


I'm under orders to obey your orders, commander.

On complete:

Durotan says: I am afraid I must depart and rejoin our pack at Wor'gol. Aka'Magosh.


  • 13700 XP


  1. H [10-40] The Home of the Frostwolves
  2. H [10-40] A Song of Frost and Fire
  3. H [10-40] Of Wolves and Warriors
  4. H [10-40] For the Horde!
  5. Complete all of:
  6. H [10-40] Establish Your Garrison
  7. Complete all of:
  8. H [10-40] Build Your Barracks
  9. H [10-40] We Need An Army
  10. H [10-40] Winds of Change
  11. H [10-40] Mission Probable

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