HordeFor the Horde
Start Overlord Geya'rah
End Ambassador Blackguard
Level 10
Category Mag'har Orc
Experience 395
Rewards  [Letter from Lady Sylvanas Windrunner]
 [Tabard of the Mag'har Clans]
1s 25c
Next H IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifIconSmall OrcBrown Female.gif [10] Stranger in a Strange Land


Meet Ambassador Blackguard at the Orgrimmar Embassy.


The Mag'har face a new future, <class>.

Draenor has fallen. We cannot know if we will ever set eyes upon our homeland again. But this is not the time to wallow in past sorrows.

Destiny is ours to decide. Orgrimmar is our home now, and we must make our mark upon this land!

Show our allies in the Horde what it means to be Mag'har. Meet with the ambassador at the warchief's embassy, then go forth and claim victories across Azeroth.

Strength and honor, <name>!


You will receive:

  • 1s 25c
  • 395 XP
Inv letter 18.png [Letter from Lady Sylvanas Windrunner] Inv tabard orcclan.png [Tabard of the Mag'har Clans]


Are you the new one? I'm supposed to welcome you. Here, take this letter.

<Blackguard lets out an exasperated sigh.>


Intro cutscene
Overlord Geya'rah says: Strength and honor. Blood and thunder.
Overlord Geya'rah says: Mere words to others... but everything to us.
Overlord Geya'rah says: We are the last survivors of a proud tribe. The uncorrupted... the unbroken... the Mag'har!
On accept
Overlord Geya'rah says: Years ago, the heroes of this world journeyed to Draenor and fought beside us against the Burning Legion.
Overlord Geya'rah says: Now the Horde needs our strength against the Alliance. And we have answered their call.
Overlord Geya'rah says: War grips this land. <Laughs> Good! We will revel in the carnage... and claim victory!
Overlord Geya'rah says: Dranosh'ek mag'har!
On completion
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Ah, the young hero <name> comes before me. I am told you show great promise. Let us hope these reports prove true.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: The Horde has many rivals in this world. Some call us enemies... others call us outcasts. But we find strength in unity... and in defiance of those who would challenge our freedom.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Rest assured, I will be taking note of your progress. As warchief, I expect much of you... and I reward those who serve me well.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Enough of these pleasantries. You have much to prove, hero. Wherever your path takes you, know that you fight... for the Horde!


  1. H IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifIconSmall OrcBrown Female.gif [10] For the Horde
  2. H IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifIconSmall OrcBrown Female.gif [10] Stranger in a Strange Land

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