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NeutralThe Forbidden Reach
Dragonflight site - Forbidden Reach
Races IconSmall Dracthyr Dracthyr
Blue drakonid
Location Dragon Isles

The Forbidden Reach is an island located off the coast of the Dragon Isles. It was fashioned by Neltharion the Earth-Warder to serve as a training ground for his ultimate soldiers, the dracthyr. But in the aftermath of a terrible battle, the island has lain dormant and abandoned for ages until the return of an ancient enemy causes the dracthyr to stir.[1]

The zone is the starting zone of the new playable race-hero class combo dracthyr evoker starting at level 58.

Until patch 10.0.7 when the zone was re-opened, when a player visited the Forbidden Reach outside of the evoker starting experience by flying from the mainland Dragon Isles, they were struck by lightning until they died.[2]


Dracthyr in magical stasis

Beneath the surface, legions of dracthyr were in magical stasis for thousands of years.

The Forbidden Reach was once fashioned by Neltharion the Earth-Warder himself to be the secret training grounds of the black dragonflight and of its would-be ultimate soldiers. The Reach has since descended into a broken and deserted landscape, lost to the ravages of time. Those few dragons who remember the island know that it is taboo to visit, as it is a place where something dreadful fell. Those who have braved the shores found little of consequence in this cauldron-like caldera apart from a shattered landscape and nature-claimed ruins half buried by magma. Deep beneath the surface, vast underground chambers contain legions of dracthyr, resting in magical stasis for thousands of years.[3]

Malygos once assigned three blue dragons (Andesigos, Lapisagos and Venagosa) and loyal drakonid troops to ensure the dracthyr stayed locked underground forever.[4]


Main articles: Dracthyr starting experience, Forbidden Reach storyline

Quests in the Forbidden Reach play out as part of the evoker starting experience in the dracthyr starting experience.

Later, players return in patch 10.0.7 for the Forbidden Reach storyline.


Maps and subregions[]

VZ-Forbidden Reach

Map of the Forbidden Reach.


Wild creatures[]

Major features[]

Zskera Vaults[]

Zskera Vault Az

Zskera Vault: Az

The Zskera Vaults drives most exploration and treasure finding in the Forbidden Reach. Use a Inv misc questionmark [Zskera Vault Key] or 28 from Forbidden Hoards, rare elites, and small treasures to open all the vault doors in the active vault. Vaults are randomized per-player and per-week, but are not timed. Many, many mounts, pets, cosmetics, and quest-starting items can be found inside.

Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones[]

The Inv 10 dungeonjewelry primalist ring 4 omni [Onyx Annulet] is a callback to the Inv eng unstabletemporaltimeshifter [Pocket-Sized Computation Device] from Mechagon Island, a ring with 3 sockets that can be fitted with three of 25 Primordial Stones with unique trinket-style effects.

Primal Infused armor[]

Account-bound loot tokens drop somewhat frequently across the reach, which can be turned into item level 385 Primal Infused armor. This serves as both catch-up gear, and part of an eight-piece set.

Additionally, Inv misc treasurechest05d [Primalist Weapon], Inv 7 0raid necklace 16d [Primalist Necklace], Inv misc questionmark [Primalist Cloak], Inv 10 dungeonjewelry dragon ring 2coiledserpent bronze [Primalist Ring], and Inv 10 jewelcrafting blottedsand color1 [Primalist Trinket] tokens can also drop. Once turned into equippable armor, it can be upgraded at any item upgrader (like Researcher Baneflare at Morqut Village) with an Inv offhand hyjal d 01 [Untapped Forbidden Knowledge] to reach item level 395.


Rare spawns[]

Forbidden Reach map
Forbidden Reach
Wyrmslayer Angvardi @ 61.7, 34
Mad-Eye Carrey @ 67.9, 45
Duzalgor @ 32.4, 29
Warden Entrix (War Creche) @ 45.9, 79
Gahz'raxes (underwater) @ 28.3, 37
Galakhad @ 44.7, 79
Grugoth the Hullcrusher @ 44.0, 90
Ishyra @ 41.0, 14
Bonesifter Marwak @ 43.6, 61
Ookbeard @ 36.8, 12
Pyrachniss (War Creche) @ 51.7, 72
Reisa the Drowned @ 47.7, 20
Lady Shaz'ra (sea level) @ 59.6, 58
Veltrax @ 73.0, 67
Volcanakk @ 78.1, 50
Vraken the Hunter @ 58.2, 48

Events and chests[]

Forbidden Reach map
Forbidden Reach
Southwest Caldera of the Menders @ 36.0, 34
Broken Seaboard @ 54.8, 92
Northeast Caldera of the Menders @ 44.6, 32
Lost Atheneum @ 55.0, 34
Lost Grotto, Caldera of the Menders @ 49.2, 37
Earth-Warder's Cauldron, War Creche @ 45.4, 76
Frosted Spine east @ 53.3, 78
Frosted Spine west @ 46.5, 74
Froststone Vault east @ 62.9, 44
Old Weyrn Grounds east @ 56.1, 56
Old Weyrn Grounds northeast @ 62.7, 49
Stormsunder Crater @ 69.9, 77
Stormsunder Crater south @ 67.7, 68
Shrouded Coast southwest @ 39.3, 24
Shrouded Coast northeast @ 46.0, 16
Sky Hoard @ 38.3, 50
Skyward Watch @ 40.9, 11
Talonlords' Perch @ 58.0, 62
Tempest Cove @ 29.1, 41
North of Lost Atheneum @ 57.1, 22
Storm-Bound Chest @ 48, 73
Froststone Vault Primal Storm @ 59, 38

Flags, glyphs, and races[]

Forbidden Reach map
Forbidden Reach
Caldera of the Menders Expedition Flag @ 36.9, 37
The Lost Atheneum Expedition Flag @ 54.6, 34
Winglord's Perch Glyph @ 18.4, 13
Talon's Watch Glyph @ 20.6, 91
Froststone Peak Glyph @ 62.6, 32
Dragonskull Island Glyph @ 79.4, 32
Stormsunder Mountain Glyph @ 77.3, 55
The Frosted Spine Glyph @ 48.5, 69
Talonlords' Perch Glyph @ 59.0, 65
Caldera of the Menders Glyph @ 37.7, 30
Aerie Chasm Cruise @ 63.1, 52
Caldera Coaster @ 41.4, 14
Forbidden Reach Rush @ 49.4, 60
Morqut Ascent @ 31.3, 65
Southern Reach Rout @ 63.7, 84
Stormsunder Crater Circuit @ 76.1, 65



Patch changes[]


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