Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants

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AllianceForces of Nature: Mountain Giants
Start Handler Jesana
End Handler Jesana
Level 37 (Requires 35)
Category Feralas
Experience 5550
Reputation +250 Darnassus
Rewards  [Power of the Hippogryph] or  [Power of the Mountain Giant] or  [Power of the Faerie Dragon] or  [Power of the Treant]
1g 20s
Previous A [37] Forces of Nature: Treants


Use Jesana's Giant Call to rally 5 Mountain Giants.

Provided item:


The mountain giants are our most powerful allies of the forest. They're carved from the land itself.

Not many of our enemies are willing to fight off a walking hillside. It only takes a few of these to turn the tide of a battle completely.

The mountain giants here have been afflicted by some illness lately, but I've seen a healthy group of them to the southwest.



<name>, you've helped bolster our forces here, and you've saved many of these forest creatures from the Horde as well. With our army now ready, Feathermoon will stand against all threats, Horde or otherwise!

On behalf of Lady Feathermoon, I'd like to award you with this weapon, fit for a Sentinel.


You will receive: 1g 20s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv axe 12.png [Power of the Hippogryph] Inv weapon halberd 05.png [Power of the Mountain Giant]
Inv hammer 23.png [Power of the Faerie Dragon] Inv staff 25.png [Power of the Treant]


AllianceDreamer's Rest / HordeCamp Ataya

  1. Breadcrumbs:B [35] The Wilds of Feralas, A [35] Hero's Call: Feralas!, or H [35] Warchief's Command: Feralas!
  2. B [36] Signs of Change
  3. B [36] More Than Illness
  4. B [36] Tears of Stone, B [36] The Land, Corrupted
  5. B [36] Sealing the Dream
  6. A [36] General Shandris Feathermoon / H [36] To Stonemaul Hold

Alliance Feathermoon Stronghold

  1. A [37] The Battle of Sardor
  2. A [37] Hatecrest Forces, A [37] General Skessesh
  3. Breadcrumb: A [37] Report to Silvia

The Dire Maul threat: Alliance Tower of Estulan / Horde Stonemaul Hold

  1. B [36] The Gordunni Threat
  2. Side Chain:
    1. B [36] The Gordunni Orb
    2. A [37] Estulan's Examination / H [37] Talk to Swar'jan
    3. B [37] Ogre Abduction
  3. A [37] Gordok Guards, H [37] Rulers of Dire Maul

Forces of Nature Part 1 / Weapons of Spirit Part 1:

  1. A [37] Forces of Nature: Wisps / H [38] Testing the Vessel
  2. A [37] Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs / H [38] Hippogryph Muisek
  3. A [37] Forces of Nature: Treants / H [37] The Flow of Muisek
  4. A [36] Tell Silvia
  5. A [37] Might of the Sentinels / H [37] Might of the Stonemaul
  6. H [38] To Camp Mojache
  7. A [37] The Lost Apprentice / H [37] The Darkmist Ruins
  8. N [37] The Darkmist Legacy, N [37] Ancient Suffering
  9. N [37] Verinias the Twisted
  10. A [37] Return to Vestia / H [37] Return to Sage Palerunner
  11. A [38] Adella's Covert Camp
  12. B [38] War on the Woodpaw
  13. Horde-only side chain
    1. H [38] Woodpaw Investigation
    2. H [39] The Battle Plans
  14. B [38] Alpha Strike

Forces of Nature / Weapons of Spirit Part 2:

  1. H [37] Treant Muisek
  2. A [37] Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons / H [37] Faerie Dragon Muisek
  3. A [37] Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants / H [37] Mountain Giant Muisek
  4. H [37] Weapons of Spirit
  5. B [39] Stinglasher, B [38] Zukk'ash Infestation
  6. B [39] Sasquatch Sighting
  7. A [39] It's Not "Ogre" Yet, H [39] The Hilltop Threat
  8. B [39] Taming The Tamers
  9. A [40] Spiteful Sisters, H [40] Twisted Sisters
  10. B [40] Ysondre's Call
  11. N [40] Taerar's Fall
  12. B [40] Ysondre's Farewell

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