AllianceForeman Wick
Image of Foreman Wick
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 46
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stormwind
Occupation Foreman
Location Stormwind City

Foreman Wick was originally found in the Canals of Stormwind City watching over the construction of the road that leads into Stormwind Harbor.

He doesn't know what Baros Alexston was thinking when he hired Mason Goldgild, and believes she brought enough powder to level the entire quarter.

The construction crew includes:


With the Harbor road an excellent note on his resume, Foreman Wick was once again hired, this time to oversee the repair of Danath Trollbane's statue in the Valley of Heroes, which fell into the moat when Deathwing attacked Stormwind. Once again, he finds himself at odds with Mason Goldgild.

The construction crew includes:


Harbor road

"We're building another road down into Stormwind Harbor as soon as this wall has been removed... but this mad dwarf brought enough powder to level the entire quarter!

I don't know what Master Alexston was thinking when he hired her... she's foul-mouthed, mean, and stubborn as an ox!"

Valley of Heroes

"You think after doing such good work on Stormwind Harbor I'd get a bit of slack from this dwarf...

I just want to get this statue up the ramp and back in place as fast as possible. But she's got a complaint every step of the way. Her solution to every problem is to blow it up. It feels like I'm working with a gnome or a goblin. But at least they'd be sober.

Look at our work crew, no discipline. You know why? Because she undermines me!

A bad attitude, a lazy crew... This isn't going to be quick fix at all."

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