For the quest, see A [45] Forge of Aeons.
NeutralForge of Aeons
Level: 110
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The Forge of Aeons is an important place to the Army of the Light. It is here that members of the army must face their inner turmoil in order to pass the tests and become Lightforged. There are several Ancient Guides statues throughout it. The Forge is accessed via a Lightforged beacon on the Vindicaar.

T'paartos, with the help of an Alliance adventurer, managed to pass the trials.[1]




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  • The area is a copy-paste of Zorammarsh in Tanaan Jungle on alternate Draenor, thus it might mean to represent the same location from the main universe. If it is indeed, then the Forge of Aeons is the first time many main universe Draenor elements are seen for the first time, including pale orcs.
  • During A [45] Forge of Aeons, Captain Fareeya mentions that inadequate initiates return "broken". She may mean it literally, as the Demented could be failed initiates. A Dark Naaru is also seen tempting T'paartos during the scenario, and the Demented are Voidscarred Broken.

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