Forge of Light
Ability racial forgeoflight.png
  • Forge of Light
  • Lightforged draenei racial
  • 5 min cooldown
  • 2 sec cast
  • Summon a Forge of Light, enabling Blacksmithing.

    Blacksmithing skill increased by 10.
Usable by
Class All
Race Lightforged draenei
School Physical
Cooldown 5 min

Forge of Light.jpg

Forge of Light is an active racial ability for all lightforged draenei, summoning a Forge of Light acting as an anvil and providing a temporary boost to Blacksmithing.


  • Other Lightforged draenei can also see and use the Forge of Light summoned by this ability.
  • The Forge of Light can also be used as an anvil for Engineering. However, it acts only as an anvil, and contrary to its name, it cannot be used as a forge.

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