HordeForged Documents
Start  [Forged Documents]
End Scout Stronghand
Ambassador Dawnsinger
Grunt Grimful
Level 60 (Requires 1)
Category Orgrimmar
Rewards  [Bulging Sack of Gold]
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [60] Forged Documents.


Find a resident of Orgrimmar to accept your Forged Documents.


Find a resident in Orgimmar[sic] to accept your forged documents.


You will receive:
Inv misc bag 12.png [Bulging Sack of Gold]


Do you have something for me?


<You hand over the forged documents, exchanging only a few words; your masterful skill speaks for itself.>


You will get different dialogue at completion depending on which NPC you turn it in to, and how frequently you turn it in to that NPC:

  • Ambassador Dawnsinger says: I can't believe you sell those here, of all places. I'll swing by the cook later to pick them up.
  • Ambassador Dawnsinger says: They had what on them? Tell the tailor my ceremonial robes had better be perfect with everything she's charging me.
  • Branzlit says: An account of all the fractions of copper we round off...brilliant.
  • Branzlit says: I couldn't have miscalculated your interest...because we don't give any! I'd rather pay than be subject to the trails, so take my personal cash.
  • Grunt Grimful says: I know I worked a hundred and sixty eight hours last week...but if the paperwork says I didn't clock in, maybe you're right.
  • Grunt Grimful says: I really need to stop gambling. Tell them no more cards for me.
  • Scout Stronghand says: So you caught a thief. Enjoy your finder's fee!
  • Scout Stronghand says: It appears as if that gold we recovered from the dead rogue was yours. You certainly are lucky...

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