MobForgemaster Deng
Image of Forgemaster Deng
Gender Male
Race Mogu (Undead)
Level 35
Class Master blacksmith
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Mogu empire
Location Court of Bones, Isle of Thunder [38.6, 58.2]
Status Killable

Forgemaster Deng grave marker.

Forgemaster Deng is a tomb marker located at [38.7, 58.1] at the southeastern end of the Court of Bones on the Isle of Thunder. Using the  [Incantation of Deng], which is a rare drop off of any mob on the isle, Deng can be summoned from beyond the grave. This is a requirement of the Isle of Thunder quest achievements  [The Mogu Below-gu] and  [These Mogu Have Gotta Go-gu].


Forgemaster Deng was a gifted blacksmith who lived during the reign of the Thunder King Lei Shen, the first emperor of the mogu empire. Frustrated with his inability to harness two ancient artifacts,  [The Fist of Ra-den] and  [The Highkeeper's Ward], Lei Shen gave them to Deng and ordered him to unlock the artifacts' secrets, but he also warned the artisan not to harness their power for himself, or he would suffer grave consequences. Deng promised Lei Shen that he would follow his command, but secretly plotted to disobey his master and reasoned that if he could find a way to use the two weapons, something the Thunder King had been unable to do, he would be able to take control of the mogu empire himself. While the smith was tampering with the Fist of Ra-den, he was suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning. The artifact absorbed most of the energy, saving the forgemaster's life, but the lightning left him permanently disfigured.[1]

After much experimentation, Deng found a use for the two artifacts and used them to power the Thunder Forge, an immense engine that churned day and night, creating exceptional armaments for the mogu military. Lei Shen was pleased by the work, and ordered Deng to personally craft him weapons and armor that would put all others to shame. Toiling the Thunder Forge, Deng managed to craft what would be his three greatest creations: a massive spear, a battleaxe and a mighty helm.[1]


At the peak of Lei Shen's reign, the great Thunder Forge rang day and night with the clamor of hammers and steel.

The artisan blacksmith, Forgemaster Deng, personally oversaw the forges and crafted thousands of weapons by his own hand. Under the Forgemaster's expert touch, ordinary metals were transformed into exceptional blades - the perfect union of function and form.

Just before his death, the Forgemaster created his finest works - a spear, axe, and helm especially gifted to Lei Shen himself.

At the official ceremony whereupon Deng was finally laid to rest, Lei Shen uttered the following words: "Today, a star leaves earth and ascends to the heavens."


  • Forge Fire Wave — Inflicts 24,512 to 28,488 Fire damage. Instant. Four fire waves 90 degrees apart from each other radiate outward from Deng's position, leaving fires on the ground.
    • Forge Fire — Fire damage inflicted every second. Instant. Ticks for 25,000 Fire.
  • Death Grip — Harness the unholy energy that surrounds and binds all matter, drawing the target toward the Death Knight and forcing the enemy to attack the Death Knight for 3 sec. Instant
    • Spike Chain 30 yd range — Harness the unholy energy that surrounds and binds all matter, drawing the target toward the Death Knight and forcing the enemy to attack the Death Knight for 3 sec. Channeled. (4 sec cooldown)
      • Brutal Smash 15 yd range — A brutal smash that will deal 277,500 to 322,500 Physical damage to any targets standing within 5 yds of the hammer. 1.47 sec cast


Before summoning Deng, make sure to clear plenty of area around his epitaph - as aggroing Risen Ancestors and Shan'ze Gravekeepers just make the encounter that much more annoying.

Deng's most common attack is launching four Forge Fire Waves 90 degrees apart from each other that extend out in a straight line to ~30 yards out, much like Liu Flameheart's Dragon Wave ability in the Temple of the Jade Serpent. The fire waves leave pools of Forge Fire on the ground that tick for 25,000 Fire damage a second, so don't stand in them.

Deng's other main ability chain is using a Death Grip to pull a range combatant to him, throwing a Spike Chain on that target, then winding up a Brutal Smash in that target's direction. Do not get hit by the smash.




My hammer always strikes true! Let the fires rage once again!

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