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Forging Worlds: Stories Behind the Art of Blizzard Entertainment
Forging Worlds- Stories Behind the Art of Blizzard Entertainment
Author(s) Micky Neilson
Pages 328
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publication date January 25, 2022
Format(s) Hardcover
Retail price US: $50.00
UK: £35.00
ISBN 10 1950366561
ISBN 13 978-1950366569
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Forging Worlds cover art

Cover art

Forging Worlds: Stories Behind the Art of Blizzard Entertainment is a book based on material from the Blizzard Entertainment universes.


To celebrate Blizzard's 30th anniversary, a gorgeous retrospective on artistry at Blizzard and the impact the studio has left emblazoned on gaming history.

For thirty years, Blizzard has been pushing boundaries and breaking expectations of what it means to draw for video games. Get a glimpse behind the curtain at how art has evolved at Blizzard and meet some of the artists who've shaped Blizzard's style and range to what it is today. Discover how art cross-pollinated amongst game teams and how grassroots movements from fans inspired some of Blizzard's most iconic artwork. With insights from more than fifty artists, animators, designers, and storytellers, this sweeping compendium is fans' ultimate keys to the kingdom of three decades in Blizzard artistry.

  • Dig into the technical side of Blizzard polish―how light bounces around optimistic Overwatch scenes but seeps through the cracks in Diablo.
  • Explore the development history behind your favorite games, including how Blizzard's fallen games helped produce some of the studio's most iconic heroes.
  • Pore over never before seen images of the worldbuilding process, how levels and landscapes were born from post-it doodles and whiteboard sketches.[1]


  • Its original planned release date was November 2, 2021, but later pushed back to November 23, the anniversary of the Warcraft franchise, then later changed to December 10, then again to January 25, 2022.





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