Forlorn Rowe

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Forlorn Rowe

The Forlorn Rowe is located in northwestern Duskwood, on the northern edge of Raven Hill Cemetery. It is a hill cloaked in an ominous darkness, upon which the home of Morbent Fel rests, the powerful necromancer who rules the forest's undead creatures through evil arcane magic. Alliance-aligned adventurers will need to do a lot of running and fighting in order to obtain the only special weapon that could stop him.

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Following Morbent Fel's defeat against the Adventurers, Commander Ladimore placed the Torch of Holy Flame right in front of the necromancer's home to dispelling dark enchantments and keeping the undead docile in Duskwood.

Some time after the Fourth War, another powerful necromancer has come to steal and corrupt the holy torch in order to create an army of undead to attack Stormwind City. But she was defeated by Mathias Shaw and Flynn Fairwind who purifies and brings back the torch to the hill to keep the undead docile.[1]


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