Forsaken Catapult (Gilneas)

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For other usages, see Forsaken Catapult (disambiguation).
HordeForsaken Catapult
Image of Forsaken Catapult
Race Forsaken catapult (Mechanical)
Level 1-20 Elite
Reaction Friendly
Location Duskmist Shore[29.4, 77.3] & Northern Headlands, Gilneas

Forsaken Catapults are part of the Forsaken forces storming the beach at Duskmist Shore in Gilneas. Piloted by Mob Forsaken Machinists, they are bombarding the nearby farmsteads. Within this subzone they are considered friendly.

Later, they are hostile units hurling barrels of the plague into Gilneas City from the Northern Headlands.


  • Launch - Launches the driver towards the designated location.
  • Launch - You're not sure how to shoot fiery boulders from the catapult. But you're pretty sure you could fling yourself pretty far with it!

Used in

Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.

Objective of


  • As a vehicle for the first quest, the Catapults only have a Launch ability, which enables players to board the nearby Forsaken ships. The easiest and most accurate way to use them is to aim the targeting reticule at the main mast of a ship, then launch. The player will strike the mast, then fall down to the deck, away from any mobs.

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