Forsaken Duties

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HordeForsaken Duties
Start Magistrate Sevren [61.0, 50.6]
End Deathguard Linnea [65.5, 60.3]
Level 8 (Requires 5)
Category Tirisfal Glades
Experience 70
Reputation +25 Undercity
Rewards 55c
Previous H [7] The New Forsaken
Next H [8] The Chill of Death


Speak with Deathguard Linnea at Death's Watch Waystation in Tirisfal Glades.


I need a fresh report from our Deathguard waystation to the east.

I must know if more Scourge forces have slipped past The Bulwark and into Tirisfal. Our vigilance on the border to the Plaguelands must be maintained - we can't let the Scourge get a stronger foothold here!

Travel south along the road, then east at the fork to the waystation. Speak with Deathguard Linnea. She has the information I need.


You will receive: 55c


Magistrate Sevren wants a report? Very well: the defenders at The Bulwark are holding the majority of the Scourge at bay, but some do slip through on occasion.

We have seen sporadic Scourge activity east of this station, with a concentration around the Balnir Farmstead.


Exit Brill to the southeast and keep heading that direction to reach the waystation.

Gretchen Dedmar offers the next quest, H [8] The Chill of Death.


  1. H [7] The New Forsaken
  2. H [8] Forsaken Duties
  3. H [8] The Chill of Death
  4. H [8] Return to the Magistrate

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