The graveyard.

Closeup on the headstones.

This graveyard is located near the Highlands Mill in western Arathi Highlands.[15.2, 47.8] Here lie the Forsaken members of the Desolate Council that were killed during the Gathering. They were buried by their families and friends a few days after the tragic event with the help of stone carvers and gravediggers brought by King Anduin from Stormwind.[1][2]

Named tombs


  • In one of his reports, Mathias Shaw mentions taking the time to stop at the graveyard whenever he passes through the region.[2]
  • One of the unlabeled graves presumably belongs to Wilmer, a Desolate Council member mentioned in Shadows Rising who also perished at the Gathering.
  • Originally, Lost Honor was going to take place at this cemetery.[3]
  • The interactable tombstones are labeled with the names of the deceased. An empty ID named "Arathi Gravestone" exists in the game files and is possibly used for the non-interactable stones.


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Since the graveyard is located between Thoradin's Wall and Stromgarde Keep, this might also be the Arathi Highlands Field in which the Gathering took place, or at least be near it.