Main leader  Helya
  Formerly  Devos †
Secondary leaders  Lysonia
  Formerly  Uther
Race(s) IconSmall KyrianDark Male.gifIconSmall KyrianDark Female.gif Kyrian
Theater of operations Bastion, Shadowlands
Affiliation Mawsworn
Status Active


“My fellow Kyrian! Hear me now: Too long have we struggled under the tyranny of erasure. Over and over again we are told that we must give all we are, to serve a greater purpose. The Forsworn would have you keep your memories, your attachments! We are here to liberate you. To offer another path. Join us, and be embraced! Resist, and you will be swept aside. A new order has come. We must all decide where we stand.”

Lysonia's sermon at the Temple of Purity[1]

The Forsworn (or dark kyrian)[2] are Kyrian Aspirants that failed to complete a rite of passage. These once-bright souls darken and become lost, wandering the plains of Bastion to lament. Containing the Forsworn is key, for if left unchecked, doubt can spread like a disease.[3]

Disciple Nikolon was a kyrian Aspirant who could not pass the cleansing rite, as his love for his partner was too strong. Unwilling to forget about the love of his life, he decides that he can find another way. His skin and wings darken, and he becomes one of the fallen. Eridia tells him that he must leave before he is seen by other kyrians.

Though initially seemingly led by Devos, and later Lysonia after Devos' defeat, their true loyalty is to Helya and through her Zovaal the Jailer.[4]




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