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Hello, i am pretty ok geared, i have some pieces of liandrin's armor, some Trial of champion heroic armor and the rest is emblems of triumph armor, i have a correct rotation and it seems my damage is ok, but the highest dps i manage to do is 3k, is there something im missing? some dps secret? it has to be more than just gear and rotation, can someone tell me? or do i just suck and need a new character? thanks in advance. --Lolpingu (talk) 15:57, May 28, 2010 (UTC)

If you find the secret, let me know. Smiley.gif It is unlikely that you need a new character, unless you are trying to get your paladin to do something paladins aren't "meant to do". I would advise directly asking (perhaps bribing) another paladin who has had more success than you. Someone on your server is bound to be able to point to something you are missing. And be able to point out any gear or technique problems on the spot. Perhaps ask him to watch you against a practice dummy in one of the cities. DPS meters and all that. --Eirik Ratcatcher (talk) 23:49, May 28, 2010 (UTC)
Hello, I play a paladin on Thunderhorn and I have prot as my main spec, but retri as my secoundary so I think I can help you.
Talents: this is a link to a tree that I think is really good
Gems: as a paladin you want to go for the "20 Strength" gems and the "10 Strength + 10 Crit" gems thes are the ones you wana fill your gem spots whit. You also need a 10+ in all stats gem so your meta gem works. And then meta gem you wana use is "21 agility + 3% crit". Sorry but I din't have time for the names of the gems.
Enchants: When you enchant you want to find enchants whit attack power, so take the once whit moste AP (attack power) and enchant your items whit that, on your wepon you wanna have "berserking", on chest "10+ all stats", on back 23 haste. The head enchant can be found in Ebon Blade (you have to be Revered), and the shoulder enchant can be found in Sons of Hodir (you have to be exalted to get the best one).
Glyphs: The Glyphs you wana use is "Glyph of Consecration" and "Glyph of Judgement", and if you have over 25 expertise use the one that makes you Exorcism 10% better, otherwise use the "Glyph of Seal of Vengeance" so you get 10 expertise when you use Seal of Vengeance.
Rotation: I wouldn't call it a rotation it's more of a FCFS thing (First comes First served) and it means that the highest prio spell will be casted fist, and when that one is on CD you cast the next one in order and so fort. A grate addon to see this is "clcret" (download: the prio order is : Hammer of Wrath > Crusader Strike > Judgment > Divine Strike > Consecration > Exorcism. What the addon dose is that it shows when you want to do these spells. very helpful.
Seals: There are 2 Seals that a paladin uses in pve and that is "Seal of Vengeance", this one is good for one target hiting for a longer period so when you are on a raid boss use it. Another Seal is "Seal of Command" and that one is good for many targets, use it on trash mobs in raids.
Stats: As I said before Strength and crit are very good stats for a paladin, you want to get theas the most. Things as Armor pen and agiliy is not so good for a paladin. if a weapon have agiliy and armor pen it's not for a paladin and do only use it if the dmg on it is alot higher then on your old wepon. Good stats on a Paladin wepon is Stamina, Strength, Crit and haste.
I hope this helped --Hangz (talk) 23:16, May 30, 2010 (UTC)