This article is about the son of Fozruk. For his father named similarly, see Fozruk.
Image of Fozruk
Title <Son of Fozruk>
Gender Male
Race Mountain giant (Giant)
Level 50 Rare Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Arathi Highlands
Relative(s) Fozruk (father)

Fozruk is the son of Fozruk. He is a mountain giant found in the Arathi Highlands accompanied by Feeboz, Znort, and Sleeby. During the Battle for Stromgarde, he can be recruited to help the invading forces and attack the enemy bases.


  • Massive Stomp - Fozruk stomps the ground with enormous power, inflicting Physical damage to enemies within 15 yards and stunning for 3 sec.
  • Throw Boulder - The caster throws a boulder, inflicting 54 Physical damage to all enemies within 3 yards of the point of impact.


Objective of


  • OK, OK, Fozruk stop. What you want Fozruk do?
  • Yes, yes. Fozruk go attack punies.


Patch changes


  1. ^ *Wistel Silversnitch says: Uh-oh... Fozruk's patrollin' the roads in the southeast. Be on the lookout for a nasty ol' stone giant.

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