NeutralFrankal Stonebridge
Image of Frankal Stonebridge
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 15-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bronzebeard Encampment, Silithus
Status Unknown

Frankal Stonebridge is a dwarf quest giver located at Bronzebeard Encampment in Silithus. He vanishes after Sargeras destroys Silithus and it is unknown if he survived the attack.



Look up to the heavens, <class>. The Dragonflights have not been seen in this area for a thousand years! Those Qiraji are up to something, I just know it!

Gossip Hello, Frankal. I've heard that you might have some information as to the whereabouts of Mistress Natalia Mar'alith.

Oh brother, not this again... Have a seat <mister/missy>.
I'm sure Rutgar has told you some of this story already so I'll spare you the boring details and get right down to the nitty gritty.

Gossip That's what I like to hear.

Right then! So the Mistress had come back for a second go at the hives but Brann was having none of that nonsense! Before the melee began, she started talking to something or someone. Crazier still, she started chanting in a language none of us had ever heard.

Gossip That's odd.

You're telling me! It's even stranger considering between Brann, Rutgar, me and the monkey, we know 38 different languages including a touch of Titan - both Vanir and Aesir.
So anyways, whatever she was click clacking about, it definitely wasn't with anyone present. She then nodded and went on the offensive! Attacked us outright!

Gossip You couldn't handle a lone night elf priestess?

Listen <mister/missy>, I'll have you know that whatever attacked us was no priestess of nothin'! Her eyes were aglow with something evil and she was genuinely frothing at the mouth! She came in, did some kind of crazy scream that sent us all runnin' in separate directions and then started flayin' our minds one by one. I'd be hearin' shadowy words in my head, watchin' the other's periodically black out here and there. It was madness! We would have been done for if not for the damned monkey.

Gossip I've been meaning to ask you about that monkey.

What's there to ask? He's a monkey you crazy fool. Anyhow, so yea, the monkey went into a frenzy after seein' ol' Brann flop into the sand face first. Nothin' the night elf could do was stopping Glibb here from poundin' on her noggin.

Gossip Then what?

I'll tell you 'then what.' She went runnin' straight for the hive. And you know what's crazier? Not a single damned bug got in her way or tried to stop her. She ran through them all as if she'd be best friends with 'em for centuries.

Gossip What a story! So she went into Hive'Regal and that was the last you saw of her?


Gossip Thanks for the information, Frankal.

  • "There's a bug inside those walls that needs swatting!"

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