Frazzle's Request

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AllianceFrazzle's Request
Start Edirah
Nittlebur Sparkfizzle
End Frazzle Frostfingers
Level 8 (Requires 8)
Type Class
Category Mage
Experience 150
Reputation +10 Stormwind
Next A Mage [8D] Mastering the Arcane
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Mage [8] An Audience with Feenix Arcshine.


Speak with Frazzle Frostfingers at the Training Hall in Stormwind.


I just received a message from Stormwind, <name>. One of Stormwind's most renowned mages, Frazzle Frostfingers, has requested that you visit him at the Training Hall in Stormwind. The Training Hall is located in the Old Town district of Stormwind.

I do not know what he has planned, but it sounds like he has been impressed with your rapid progress.


You will receive:


Welcome to the Wizard's Sanctum[sic], <name>. I have been watching your progress with interest.


  1. A Mage [8] Frazzle's Request (optional)
  2. A Mage [8D] Mastering the Arcane

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