Freeing the Light

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NeutralFreeing the Light
Start Lightspawn
End Lightspawn
Level 6 (Requires 6)
Category Exile's Reach
Rewards Ability paladin blessedmending.png [Light's Speed]

Freeing the Light is an optional side quest available near the Harpy Roost on Exile's Reach.


Use the Lightspawn's light to dispel nearby necrotic energy.

  • First necrotic energy dispersed
  • Second necrotic energy dispersed
  • Third necrotic energy dispersed
  • Fourth necrotic energy dispersed


Ah... you are not in league with the ogres. Please, you must aid me.

I have been bound against my will by dark magic. I ask only that you free me.

Take a piece of my light. Use it to dispel the necrotic energies that are keeping me captive.


You will receive:

You will also receive:


Use my light to dispel the necrotic energies binding me to this place.


You have my thanks, <name>. I must leave this world, but I wish you luck.

Take my blessing. May it aid you against these monsters.



On accept
Lightspawn says: Dispel the foul magic that binds me here.
Disabling the pedestals

As you dispel the magic of each Ritual Pedestal, the Lightspawn speaks:

Lightspawn says: I attempted to put an end to these rituals...
Lightspawn says: But the ogres ensnared me... drained my of my power...
Lightspawn says: Free me, so I might recover... and pass some of my power to you.

On the final pedestal:

Light begins arcing between the pedestals, then flows into the Lightspawn.
Lightspawn says: The spell is weakening... the Light returns to me!
Lightspawn says: Freedom! You have my gratitude.

(Note: The final line currently isn't displaying in chat, so this is simply a guess at how it might be written.)

On turn-in
Lightspawn says: Accept my blessing, and end the necromancy that plagues this island.

Beta description

Ah... you are not in league with the ogres. Please, you must aid me.

I have been bound by necrotic magics to this place. I need your aid to be free.

Take a piece of my light. Use it to dispel the necrotic energies keeping me bound to this place.


  1. B [1] Warming Up
  2. B [1] Stand Your Ground
  3. B [1] Brace for Impact
  4. B [1] Murloc Mania
  5. B [1] Emergency First Aid
  6. B [1] Finding the Lost Expedition
  7. B [1] Cooking Meat
  8. Classes besides hunter: B [1] Enhanced Combat Tactics or B Monk [1] Enhanced Combat Tactics
  9. B [1] Northbound
  10. Hunter: B Hunter [1] Taming the Wilds
  11. B [1] Down with the Quilboar & B [1] Forbidden Quilboar Necromancy
  12. A [1] The Scout-o-Matic 5000 / H [1] The Choppy Booster Mk 5
  13. B [1] Re-sizing the Situation
  14. A [1] Ride of the Scientifically Enhanced Boar / H [1] The Re-Deather
  15. B [1] Stocking Up on Supplies
  16. Complete the following:
    1. B [6] The Harpy Problem
    2. B [6] Harpy Culling & B [6] Purge the Totems & A [6] The Rescue of Meredy Huntswell / H [6] The Rescue of Herbert Gloomburst
    3. B [6] Message to Base
    • Optional side quest: N [6] Freeing the Light
    1. B [6] Westward Bound
    2. B [6] Who Lurks in the Pit
  17. B [7] To Darkmaul Citadel
  18. B [7] Right Beneath Their Eyes
  19. B [7] Controlling their Stones & B [7] Catapult Destruction & B [7] Like Ogres to the Slaughter
  20. B [7] Dungeon: Darkmaul Citadel
  21. B [7] An End to Beginnings

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