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Frenzy (Power)

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This article is about boss ability. For other uses, see Frenzy (disambiguation).

There are a few bosses in Azeroth that can Frenzy. While frenzied their size, attack speed, and damage increase dramatically. However it can be removed by a Hunter using [Tranquilizing Shot]. Mobs that frenzy include Chromaggus, Magmadar, Flamegor, Maws, Princess Huhuran and Hakkar the Soulflayer when High Priest Thekal isn't killed.

Artorius the Doombringer and Klinfran the Crazed have a similar [Demonic Frenzy] ability that turns the mob red, increases spell and melee damage by 300% (four times as much damage), and removes all magic, poison, curse, and disease debuffs. This can be removed by [Tranquilizing Shot], and can also be removed from Klinfran with [Scorpid Sting].