Friends list since 4.0.1.

Default pane and first tab at the bottom left of the Socials window that lists friends that you track in the game. Sometimes called the "Friends pane."

You can access the Friends List via the Real ID icon above your chat window (default key shortcut of O).

The Friends List pane also has three sub-panes accessible from tabs at the top of the pane:

  • Friends (the default)
  • Ignore
  • Pending

Friends tab

Most of the Friends pane consist of the list of Friends, each entry showing the following info:

Real ID-friends are shown with their real name, Character's name, their current Region and the game they're playing (WoW, Starcraft, Diablo etc.).

At the bottom, the pane has two buttons:

  1. Add Friend
  2. Send Message

Add Friend

This button brings up a box where you can type in a player's name or email address to add them to your friends list. If you choose to enter an email address, your partner gets a notification and has to choose whether he wants to add you as a Real ID friend or not.

Remove Friend

This button removes the selected player's name from your friends list.

Send Message

If the selected friend is online, this button sends a private tell to them. You type your private message in a chat box that appears at the bottom of the screen.


Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): The Social Icon from the central menu bar has been removed.
  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.3.5 (2010-06-22):
    • A new icon has been added to the top left of the Chat Frame which will open up the Friends list.
    • In addition to its current functionality, the Friends List will now allow players to add accounts (Real ID). Players will have to confirm that they are friends in order for a Real ID to be added. Once Real ID friends, players can communicate cross-game, cross-faction and cross-realm.
    • A new Pending tab has been added where players can accept or decline a Real ID friend request, or select the Report Spam or Block Communications buttons.
    • Players can now select from three statuses which will be visible to their friends: Available, Away and Busy.
    • A Broadcast window has been added to the top of the frame. Players can use this to broadcast a message to all of their Real ID friends online. This message will also be displayed under the broadcaster's Real ID information in each friend's list.