From the Depths

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AllianceFrom the Depths
Start Commander Kellam
End Commander Kellam
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 20,560
Reputation +150 Storm's Wake
Rewards  [Fort Daelin Speargun]
or  [Zeth'jir Scaleguard Pillar]
or  [Kellam's Longknife]
or  [Fort Daelin Handaxe]
or  [Storm's Wake Truncheon]
or  [Proudmoore Battalion Pike]
or  [Storm's Wake Baton]
or  [Zeth'jir Tidemaiden Scepter]
46g 80s
Previous A [110 - 120] A Snake with Three Heads & A [110 - 120] Clearing the Delta
Next A [110 - 120] Back to Brennadam, A [110 - 120] Surveying the Wharf


Defend the levee from the Azshara's assault.


We must prepare for an attack.

Man the cannons!

Defend the levee at all costs!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv crossbow 2h kultirasquest b 01.png [Fort Daelin Speargun] Inv staff 2h kultirasquest b 02.png [Zeth'jir Scaleguard Pillar]
Inv knife 1h kultirasquest b 02.png [Kellam's Longknife] Inv axe 1h kultirasquest b 01.png [Fort Daelin Handaxe]
Inv mace 1h kultirasquest b 02.png [Storm's Wake Truncheon] Inv polearm 2h kultirasquest b 01.png [Proudmoore Battalion Pike]
Inv wand 1h kultirasquest b 01.png [Storm's Wake Baton] Inv mace 1h kultirasquest b 01.png [Zeth'jir Tidemaiden Scepter]

You will also receive:


This is no time for idle chatter, <name>. We're being attacked!


We've done it! The naga are defeated and the levee remains intact!


On accept, a cutscene.

The shield fades, and a small blue sphere of watery energy grows, then rapidly expands to white out the screen. From the the whirlpool left behind, a massive, monstrous Pride of Azshara slowy rises as Queen Azshara speaks.
Queen Azshara says: How tenacious! Feel honor in your accomplishment of living long enough to face my pride.
The Pride lets lose a vicious roar.

Don't fall off the wall!

Run between the three cannons facing the Pride of Azshara and use them as they come off cooldown. Feel free to use any ranged abilities as well.

This concludes the "From the Depths They Come" chapter of the Stormsong Valley storyline. There are outbound breadcrumbs back to Brennadam with A [110 - 120] Back to Brennadam and Thresher's Wharf from Lieutenant Harris with A [110 - 120] Surveying the Wharf.


Optional breadcrumb at Brennadam: A [110 - 120] Trouble at Fort Daelin, and Deadwash: A [110 - 120] Helping Out, Somewhere Else, and Beacon Hill: A [110 - 120] Bauer Backup (Can be accepted together and turned in)

  1. A [110 - 120] Freedom for the Sea & A [110 - 120] A Bit of a Bind & A [110 - 120] Caught in the Net
  2. A [110 - 120] The Shifting Tides
    • Optional side chain:
    1. A [110 - 120] Eeling in a Big One & A [110 - 120] Filching from Thieves
    2. A [110 - 120] You're a Shark
  3. A [110 - 120] Facing the Invaders & A [110 - 120] Reclaiming our Defenses
  4. A [110 - 120] Any Ammo Will Do & A [110 - 120] Piercing the Shield & A [110 - 120] Problem Solving with Gunpowder
  5. A [110 - 120] A Snake with Three Heads & A [110 - 120] Clearing the Delta
  6. A [110 - 120] From the Depths

Outbound breadcrumbs: A [110 - 120] Back to Brennadam, A [110 - 120] Surveying the Wharf

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