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Frost Wolf (NPC)

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Not to be confused with Frost Wolf (Alterac Valley), Frost Wolf (mob), or Frost Wolf (Warcraft III).
HordeFrost Wolf
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Race Frost wolf (Beast)
Level 10-40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Frostwolf Orcs
Location Various
Pet family Wolf

Frost Wolves are frost wolves located in Frostfire Ridge, Frostwall, and Nagrand.

At Gormaul Tower, they are by their injured masters' side.


  • Femoral Tear - Tears at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage every 1 sec. Also slows movement speed by 5%.
  • Leap for the Kill - Leaps forward, inflicting Physical damage and stunning enemies for 1 sec. This damage is increased if the target is afflicted with Femoral Tear.

Objective of


Gormaul Tower
Frost Wolf nuzzles its master's side, whining softly.

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