Frostwhisper Gorge

Frostwhisper Gorge is a canyon in southern Winterspring, just north of Darkwhisper Gorge. It is scattered with night elven ruins both at the bottom of the gorge and at the ridges above. A great bridge to Darkwhisper Gorge spanned across the chasm until the Shattering destroyed it.

Several of the huge Frostmaul Preservers and Frostmaul Giants reside here, as well as Ice Avatars led by Frostilicus.

Frostwhisper Gorge Digsite

Encompassing the bottom of the gorge is a Night Elf archaeology digsite.


At the top of the Gorge on the eastern side, there is a hidden road leading to an isolated dwarven spot right at the edge of a cliff. If you've flown into Winterspring from places like Orgrimmar or Azshara, you'll have flown over this spot many times.

Here you'll find an Ironforge flag, some boxes, lots of booze, a mug, and a rifle leaning on a chair overlooking the cliff and the Great Sea far below. There are no items at this location you can interact with but Thorium and Black Lotus are sometimes nearby. Otherwise, it's just a nice view.

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