• Frostwolf Battle Standard
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Place a Battle Standard with 1500 health that increases the maximum damage of all party members that stay within 45 yards of the Battle Standard by 10%. Lasts 2 min. May only be used in Alterac Valley. (15 Min Cooldown)

The Frostwolf Battle Standard has been planted into the snowy ground here.

The Frostwolf Battle Standard is the rallying flag of the Frostwolf Clan in Alterac Valley. When the flag is planted in the ground, all party members within 45 yards will have increased damage by 10% for up to 2 minutes.


This item can be bought from:

This item costs 500 Honor Points.


  • The effects of more than one banner do not stack.
  • This item is not Unique, however, the 15 minute cooldown for use is shared.
  • The damage bonus only affects party members, not the entire raid.

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