NeutralFrozen Memories
Start Amal'thazad
End Automatic
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Death Knight Campaign
Previous N Death Knight [45] Amal'thazad's Message
Next N Death Knight [45] Draconic Secrets


Take the portal to the top of Acherus, listen to the Lich King's plan, then witness his vision in Icecrown.

  • Portal taken to atop Acherus
  • Listened to the Lich King's plan
  • Lich King's vision witnessed


Close your eyes, Deathlord. Can't you feel his presence already?

<The Lich King's icy presence is inside your mind in an instant.>

Stand in the rune circle atop Acherus, Deathlord. I will show you what I have seen.

<The presence fades.>


<You have seen a vision of many undead traveling north from Icecrown, yet only the sea appears before you now.>


Upon arriving atop Acherus, the Lich King appears.

The Lich King says: The Helm of Domination shows me many things, Deathlord.
The Lich King says: I have seen a vision... thousands of undead marching to the far reaches of Northrend in search of a great power.
The Lich King says: Yet when I reach out through the cold tendrils of endless ice, I sense nothing there.
The Lich King says: Go now to the far north of Icecrown, and I will show you what I have seen.

Head to Icecrown and look for a tiny area of ice to land upon in the waters north of the Shadow Vault. Upon arriving at the spot in Icecrown, the Lich King will speak once more and show his vision.

The images of varying undead creatures appear, running towards something.
The Lich King says: It was here that I saw the undead swarming across an icy shelf, seeking a prize coveted by Arthas.
The Lich King says: Look ahead... Do you see it?
The skeleton of a dragon appears...
The Lich King says: The bones of a dragon most ancient, and powerful beyond reckoning.
The Lich King says: Yet all that remains here is the sea, and I sense no trace of undead.


  1. N Death Knight [45] Amal'thazad's Message
  2. N Death Knight [45] Frozen Memories
  3. N Death Knight [45] Draconic Secrets
  4. N Death Knight [45] The Lost Glacier

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