Frozen Rune

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  • Frozen Rune
  • Use: Absorbs 1500 to 2500 fire damage. Lasts 1 hour. (3 Min Cooldown)
  • Requires Level 60
  • Sell Price: 2g
Frozen Rune.

Frozen Rune is a high level consumable found within Naxxramas. Though a consumable, it is primarily used as both a crafting reagent and quest objective for the Argent Dawn frost resistance items.


This item is contained in an interactable object of the same name, frozen to the walls within the four quarters of Naxxramas. A  [Word of Thawing] is required in order to unlock each Frozen Rune, which can be found as a common drop from trash mobs within the instance. Each Frozen Rune object yields three to six Frozen Rune items.

As an ingredient

Frozen Rune is used in the following recipes:


As a quest objective

These quests are only available after obtaining and turning in  [Omarion's Handbook] (with the exception of N [60] Ramaladni's Icy Grasp, which instead requires N [60R] Echoes of War).

Frozen Rune quests
Item Slot Category Quest
 [Ramaladni's Icy Grasp] Finger --- N [60] Ramaladni's Icy Grasp
 [Glacial Leggings]
 [Icebane Leggings]
 [Icy Scale Leggings]
 [Polar Leggings]
Leg --- N [60R] The Only Song I Know...
 [Glacial Vest] Chest Cloth  [Glacial Vest]
 [Glacial Wrists] Wrist Cloth  [Glacial Wrists]
 [Glacial Gloves] Hand Cloth  [Glacial Gloves]
 [Polar Tunic] Chest Leather  [Polar Tunic]
 [Polar Bracers] Wrist Leather  [Polar Bracers]
 [Polar Gloves] Hand Leather  [Polar Gloves]
 [Icy Scale Breastplate] Chest Mail  [Icy Scale Breastplate]
 [Icy Scale Bracers] Wrist Mail  [Icy Scale Bracers]
 [Icy Scale Gauntlets] Hand Mail  [Icy Scale Gauntlets]
 [Icebane Breastplate] Chest Plate  [Icebane Breastplate]
 [Icebane Bracers] Wrist Plate  [Icebane Bracers]
 [Icebane Gauntlets] Hand Plate  [Icebane Gauntlets]
 [Glacial Cloak] Back Cloth  [Glacial Cloak]


  • Frozen Runes do not respawn.
  • Looting a Frozen Rune will save the player (and their group) to the instance.
  • While they may be used as a consumable, it is not recommended due to their necessity as a reagent and their difficulty to obtain. A  [Greater Fire Protection Potion] is both cheaper to craft and more powerful in comparison.

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