NeutralFrozen in Time

The Illidari fighting Ash'golm
Start Kor'vas Bloodthorn
End Allari the Souleater
Level 8-45
Category Demon hunter
Experience 37,700
Rewards  [Infernal Firecord Sash]
15g 40s
Previous N Demon hunter [8-45] Grand Theft Felbat
Next N Demon hunter [8-45] All The Way Up


Activate the Countermeasures in the Vault of Ice.

  • Eastern Countermeasure activated
  • Southern Countermeasure activated
  • Western Countermeasure activated


The Wardens kept all kinds of dangerous monsters locked up within this Vault. Now that Gul'dan's forces have breached the walls, it's proving rather... inconvenient.

Many of our forces are occupied with containing a fearsome magma destroyer in the southern chamber. With us freshly awoken from stasis, we don't have the means to take it down. However, we might be able to reactivate the room's containment field.

Go join up with Kayn. Do whatever it takes to seal that chamber!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv belt leather demonhunter b 01.png [Infernal Firecord Sash] Inv belt leather demonhunter b 01gold.png [Infernal Firecord Sash]

You will also receive:

  • 15g 40s
  • 15,070 XP


Is Ash'golm contained?


I knew you could do it, <name>. We could not let that creature escape.


Ash'golm, trapped in ice once more

On accept
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: Aside from us, the most powerful prisoners were sealed on this level. WERE being the operative word.
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: We cannot afford to lose Kayn and Altruis here. Waste no time and help them, quickly!

Head south into the Vault of Ice, where Kayn and three Freed Illidari are fighting Ash'golm. On approach:

Kayn Sunfury says: He is too strong! Our only hope is to reactivate the orbs and seal him inside the chamber!

Stay out of the fire on the ground and interact with the three Countermeasures orbs around the room to seal the giant in a block of ice.

Kayn Sunfury says: Well done! The monster is contained. Let's meet up with the others.
Kayn and the three Freed Illidari run out of the vault and despawn.

Head back to the western end of the Demon Ward and talk to Allari. Kor'vas and Falara have both left. After completing all of Frozen in Time, N Demon hunter [8-45] Beam Me Up, and N Demon hunter [8-45] Forged in Fire, Allari offers N Demon hunter [8-45] All The Way Up.


  1. N Demon hunter [8-45] Breaking Out
  2. Complete both:
  3. N Demon hunter [8-45] Stop Gul'dan!
  4. N Demon hunter [8-45] Grand Theft Felbat
  5. Complete all of:
  6. N Demon hunter [8-45] All The Way Up
  7. N Demon hunter [8-45] A New Direction
  8. N Demon hunter [8-45] Between Us and Freedom
  9. N Demon hunter [8-45] Illidari, We Are Leaving

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

In the chamber to our right is a fearsome magma destroyer known as Ash'golm.

Many of our brethren are inside. We do not have the strength to bring it down, but we might be able to reactivate the room's containment field.

Kayn went to assist the others, and he will need your help. Do whatever it takes to seal that chamber!

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