Fruit Round-Up

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NeutralFruit Round-Up
Start Gordon Tramsay
End Gordon Tramsay
Level 85 (Requires 83)
Category Steam Pools
Experience 12,870
Rewards 9g 40s
Previous N [85] No Child of Mine
Next N [85] Fit for a King


Collect 8 coconuts


You're Lasha's little helper, aren't you? Well she said something about a special errand, and she asked me to whip up some special drinks for our guests. Apparently, there are some new brews that are all the rage in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, but I'm missing a major ingredient - coconut! Luckily, they grow in the palm trees right around the camp. Fly up there now and get some for me, will you?


You will receive:

  • 9g 40s
  • 12,870 XP


  1. N [85] Welcome to Paradise
  2. N [85] Out of This World
  3. N [85] Kitchen Clean-Up
  4. N [85] Lunch Break
  5. N [85] No Child of Mine
  6. N [85] Fruit Round-Up
  7. N [85] Fit for a King
    1. N [85] Chef's Challenge: Steelback
    2. N [85] Chef's Challenge: Faewing
    3. N [85] Chef's Challenge: Grumpfin
  8. N [85] At Your Service
  9. N [85] Finding the Cultist
  10. N [85] We Need a Boat
  11. N [85] Out of Gas
  12. N [85] Float My Boat
  13. N [84] Roc Collection
  14. N [85] Firebeak
  15. N [85] What Hath Dodd Wrought
  16. N [85] Last Resort, Literally
  • So Sous Me - Talk to Auguste Yarmes by Gordon Tramsay
  • Save 'Em - 8 x Resort Guests Saved with Inflatable Lifesaver
  • Twilight Plight - Kill 10 Twilight Cultists by Lasha Gearwheel
  • Subversion

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