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Inv misc bag 11

The Furbolg Medicine Pouch is an off-hand frill reputation reward, sought after by low-level twinks because of its non-level requirement.


This item is a reputation reward; you must be honored with Timbermaw Hold to buy it from Gorn One Eye in Felwood for 15g, excluding the Honored discount.

Guide to getting it for twinks[]

Despite the high reputation requirement it is possible for twinks in lower level brackets to get this item. Getting there is not easy, but it is possible with hard work.

First you will need a warlock and two other friends, preferably a mage among them, to summon you to Timbermaw Hold and kill the mobs for reputation. Remove your armor and run into Timberbaw Hold to get killed, then follow your friend around while s/he kills furbolgs at Felpaw Village just west of Timbermaw Hold. Once you're done raising your reputation to honored, give 13g 50s to Gorn One Eye for your reward.

  • The un-named furbolgs gives 10 reputation when slain, so your friend will need to kill around 1157 furbolgs to get you to Honored.
  • At level 75 as of patch 3.0.8, they gave 20 reputation when slain. (See discussion page for more details.)


The pouch shares cooldown with Warlock Healthstones. By itself it has a 20 minute cooldown, making it rather less desirable for twinks. However, it may still be worth it.

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