Furthering the Purpose

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NeutralFurthering the Purpose
Start Tal-Inara
End Tal-Inara
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Oribos
Experience 3,850
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous Return to Oribos
Next N [50] Ardenweald, N [50] Bastion, N [50] Maldraxxus, or N [50] Revendreth


Choose where to go in the Shadowlands.


There are realms which still require your aid, mortal.

You must journey to one of their realms and ensure they stand strong.

Where will you go next?


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 3,850 XP


Who will you aid?


May your efforts prove fruitful.


As in N [50] Aiding the Shadowlands, speak to Tal-Inara to view the Scouting Map.


  1. N [50] The Threads of Fate
  2. N [50] Re-Introductions
  3. N [60] Choosing Your Purpose
  4. N [50] Aiding the Shadowlands
  5. Choose a zone:
  6. N [50] The Next Step (choose a second zone)
  7. N [50] Furthering the Purpose (choose a third zone)
  8. N [50] The Last Step (the remaining zone)

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