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Fyzandi is the homeworld of Thiernax, the first known Night Warrior, and his husband Qadarin who described the world as beautiful with vast forests, mighty mountains, and tranquil planes. An Old God once landed on the planet which began a war against the horrors it brought that lasted for four generations and became known as the Endless War. The horrors were described as creatures with too many limbs, hungering mouths, and too many eyes. The impact of the Old God landing wiped out an entire kingdom and disrupted the balance of nature. The area became a wasteland which no one was able to return from. Thiernax used the power of Elune to become the Night Warrior and vanquish the Old God. Despite his victory, the Old God left scars on the world, driving many to madness. Qadarin, at least, is unsure whether or not the scars it left will ever be truly healed.