Fyzandi is the homeworld of Thiernax, the first known Night Warrior, and his husband Qadarin. Qadarin described the world as beautiful with vast forests, mighty mountains, and tranquil planes. An Old God once landed on the planet, its impact destroying an entire kingdom and disrupting the balance of nature. The area around it became a wasteland from which none returned. Though Fyzandi's druids kept watch from the border, the Old God soon spawned an army of horrific monsters: creatures with too many limbs, hungering mouths, and too many eyes. They swept across the world, sparking a conflict known as the Endless War that would last four generations.

Eventually, Qadarin's mother discovered the nature of the Dark God at the heart of the crater, and though she tried to invoke Elune's power to become the Night Warrior, she died in the attempt. Thiernax subsequently became the Night Warrior himself, allowing him and a coalition of champions to vanquish the Old God; though they knew the power would eventually kill him, Thiernax accepted the cost in order to save Fyzandi. Though Qadarin attempted to share the power with his husband, doing so claimed both their lives.

The Old God's presence left scars on their world, its whispers driving many to madness and its armies killing many more. Qadarin believed that if it were even possible to cleanse Fyzandi of its taint, it would take many more generations to do so.[1][2][3]