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For the character from the main universe, see Ga'nar.
Image of Ga'nar
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Frostwolf Orcs
Location Various
Status Deceased[1]
Relative(s) Geyah, Garad (parents)
Durotan, Fenris Wolfbrother (brothers)
Hatock, Grotan, Skal (nephews), Draka, Ger'hel (sisters-in-law)
Companion(s) Snowfury (pet)

Ga'nar is the son of Geyah and Garad and the older brother of Durotan. Ga'nar is a warrior and more reckless and battle-hungry than Durotan. Over the course of the Frostfire Ridge storyline, he learns more of honor and temperance from both his brother and the Frostwolves' new Horde allies. Ga'nar eventually dies to save his clan and allies during the Battle of Thunder Pass.


Before the formation of the Iron Horde, he fought alongside his father against the Laughing Skull Orcs.[2] When the Iron Horde was formed, Chieftain Garad and his son Ga'nar disappeared in the frozen wastes of the Frostfire Ridge. They were attacked by the Thunderlord clan led by the Iron Wolf.[3] Garad was killed and Ga'nar left for dead. The ogres from Bladespire then delivered him to the Iron Horde.[4]

Warlords of Draenor[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.
Ga'nar Dark Portal

Ga'nar during the Assault on the Dark Portal.

When the Horde and Alliance forces go through the Dark Portal into the Tanaan Jungle, Drek'Thar sensed Ga'nar and sent adventurers to release him. He was found chained to an outhouse. After being freed by adventurers he joins the rest of the Alliance and Horde forces in fighting the Iron Horde and escaping from the Tanaan Jungle. When the Dark Portal is destroyed, he runs to the boats only to challenge Warchief Hellscream to duel. Drek'Thar however pushed him back. He joins the Horde adventurers on the boat to Frostfire Ridge and navigates the boat.

Ga'nar joins up with his brother Durotan and shortly after the Horde establishes an outpost, Ga'nar is found riding mounted with a retinue of Frostwolf soldiers towards Bladespire Citadel, despite Durotan's wishes to be more cautious. With the help of the Horde, the Frostwolf Orcs take the Bladespire Citadel and kill its ogre-king. After that he disputed with his brother and left to march his forces onward to strike against the Thunderlord clan in Daggermaw Ravine. After eventually being successful at killing the three sons of the Iron Wolf, with the help of Horde adventurers, he returns to the Horde garrison to meet up with Durotan. There, fuelled by his recent success, he attempts to take over the role of chieftain by declaring a Mak'gora. Durotan drops his axe, exclaiming that Ga'nar would have to kill his own brother in cold blood if he wishes to become the Frostwolf chieftain. After hesitating for a few moments, Ga'nar bows down and declares his loyalty once more to Durotan.

Ga'nar, Durotan, and the Horde commander face off with the Iron Wolf in where it is revealed that the Iron Wolf is, in fact, Ga'nar and Durotan's eldest brother Fenris who abandoned the Frostwolf Clan, believing that they should subjugate beasts instead of bonding with them.[5] It is Fenris is slain, but the Iron Horde still approaches from Thunder Pass to the east. Ga'nar joins his clan in defending the pass in The Battle of Thunder Pass. The Frostwolves defend the pass alongside their Horde allies, but the assault rapidly becomes overwhelming. As the Horde is pushed back and Drek'Thar channels a massive lightning spell to seal the pass, Ga'nar stays behind to buy the farseer enough time to complete the spell, having fully acknowledged that Durotan has become a better leader than he ever could have. The lone Frostwolf warrior charges into the fray, slaying numerous enemies as Drek'thar completes the spell and collapses the pass. About to die, Ga'nar lets loose a mighty "LOK'TAR!" before dying under the rubble, having died a hero's death.[6]

After the battle, his wolf companion Snowfury tries to dig at the rubble sensing his master.

Upon the elemental blessing, the spirit of Ga'nar appeared in front of the Horde commander. Though he was ferocious and angry in life, he has now found peace.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Assault on the Dark Portal 93 8,089,200
Frostfire Ridge 93 269,640
Frostfire Ridge 93 8,089,200
Frostfire Ridge 93 80,892
H [100] Draenor's Blessing 100 29,356,200


Tanaan Jungle
Frostfire Ridge


  • What?
  • Speak!
  • Hmm?
  • You... you talking to me?
  • You talking to me!?
  • Who else are you? You talking to me!?
  • Well I'm the only one here!
  • Humph! I didn't think so.
  • Now go!
  • Make them suffer!
  • Finish it!
Frostfire Ridge
The Bladespire ogres threw me into that hellhole. I'll notch my axe with their skull until vengeance is mine!
Honored brothers and sisters! Today we achieved what Durotan would not even dare to try.
Make no mistake. We are at war. And we need a Warchief!
Those of you bold enough to stand with me - come! We will show the world the might of the Frostwolves!
Spirit of Ga'nar's gossip

<Ga'nar's spirit - so angry and ferocious in life - has at last found peace. He speaks to you with warmth.>

Give 'em hell, <name>.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Although he is the older brother of Durotan, Durotan became chieftain of the clan instead of him when Garad died. The reason for this is that Garad chose Durotan because Ga'nar was hot-headed.[7]
  • Garad being alive around the time of the Iron Horde's formation is a difference between the alternate and main universes.
  • His pissed quotes is a direct quote from the famous ad-libbed scene from Taxi Driver, where the main character talks to himself in the mirror as if he's threatening someone - except Ga'nar isn't just talking to the mirror.
  • In WoD's Blizzcon, when introducing Frostfire Ridge, a map with quest objectives was shown and Ga'nar was mentioned as one of them, making it the second mention - besides the main-universe's mention in the Ultimate Visual Guide - prior his direct appearance in the game itself.
  • Ga'nar is voiced by Jamieson Price.[8]
  • Unused strings suggest that Ga'nar and some others (Vragor, Durok, Exile Outrider, Frostwolf Exile, Patchfur Yapper) were initially planned to have been exiled.[9]



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