Gadgetzan Times

The Gadgetzan Times was a web publication by Blizzard but is portrayed as an in-universe newspaper published by Sparkle Entertainment Lightning & Fireworks. Typoe Crunchmode is the editor-in-chief of the Gadgetzan Times. Fizzle Goblinseer is a writer. Sparkle Steamburst is the president of Sparkle Entertainment Lightning & Fireworks. It has recently changed to a fanfic medium, accepting applications on stories and the like.


Issue 1

In this issue, Gadgetzan Times takes its readers into the mysterious world of the magi. Often confounding, frequently amusing, and always informative, the brave goblin reporters of the Gadgetzan Times bring you the latest and most comprehensive coverage of magi and magic.

Issue 2

A new magazine is always a new adventure. Hitting newstands around Azeroth is the latest, most informative and entertaining magazine in all of Azerothian history: the Gadgetzan Times! Published by Sparkle Entertainment Lightning & Fireworks, the Gadgetzan Times will bring the far reaches of the world right to your doorstep.



  • They are referenced by Magus Zabraxis.
  • For further information, contact Jolta Candleflash via the normal mailing services.[1]
  • Price: Outland 2s Duskwood 1c Tanaris 3c Badlands 4c Swamp of Sorrows 3c Winterspring 1c

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