This article is a copy of "Jetsett's Guide to Azeroth", an official article by Blizzard Entertainment located in the "Gadgetzan Times" of the old website.

Jetsett Spannerwork's Guide to Azeroth

Greetings friends! I am Jetsett, the travel goblin, and I am going to take YOU, the readers on a lavish tour of Azeroth and the greatest wonders of our world.

We start our world tour in Silithus. This desert of shifting sands can be found at the far south of the continent of Kalimdor, and is easily reachable. Just speak to your local wind rider or gryphon master for flight prices.

The scenery here is outstanding as the ruined towers play host to thousands of wondrous insects. Don't get too close though. The local wildlife bites! Far to the south the great landmark walls and gates of Ahn'Qiraj are worth a visit for any discerning tourist.

Accommodation is rustic and basic. The only inn can be found at Cenarion Hold, and is operated by the local Cenarion Circle members. The locals around the Cenarion Hold are friendly to all-comers and may even have a few tasks for anyone looking for work. However, be cautious of the local branch of the Twilight Cult, which does not take so kindly to newcomers.

To summarize, Silithus is an interesting destination for any adventurer keen to get off the beaten track and away from the cities. However be wary of the hostile wildlife and natives and take copious amounts of bug spray.

Next time: Jetsett's Guide to Azeroth continues with the Searing Gorge.