This article is a copy of "Jetsett's Guide to Azeroth", an official article by Blizzard Entertainment located in the "Gadgetzan Times" of the old website.

Jetsett Spannerwork's Guide to Azeroth

Every month, the jet-setting Jetsett Spannerwork travels to a new location in Azeroth. Chronicling his voyages, he lets Gadgetzan Times' readers know what's hot where he's been.

Greetings friends! Welcome back to my tour of Azeroth. This month I have been visiting the delights of the Searing Gorge.

The Searing Gorge is considered to be a dangerous place by many standards. Found in the Eastern Kingdoms, in the shadow of the towering Blackrock Mountain, this is an ash-covered, unusual landscape packed with ridges, gorges and lava-flow.

Thorium Point

The Dark Iron dwarves have set up a stronghold here, which can make travel through the region somewhat perilous. Nonetheless, there is much to be seen here, making a visit a must for the discerning traveler.

A tour could start with a visit to the Thorium Point, a small friendly outpost on the edge of the ridges. Here the Thorium Brotherhood dwarves can provide tourists with a colorful rendition of local history. They may also be able to provide you with a sample of the local cuisine, consisting mostly of barbecued spider parts. Accommodation is basic but cheap. The dwarves are not ones for luxury, preferring instead a more simplistic mode of living.

The Cauldron

There are a number of tourist hot-spots in the region. A visit to peer over the sides of the gorge known as the Cauldron, to see the dwarves hard at work far below, is a memorable experience. The very brave may even venture down for a closer look at the caverns and quarries.

And of course no visit would be complete without a chance to stand at the bottom of Blackrock Mountain and gaze up at this monstrous peak towering far above you. Brave tourists may even venture inside through the giant gates to gaze upon the swirling lava of the Molten Span.

To summarize, the Searing Gorge is an interesting but dangerous destination for the world traveler, but the sights make the risks worthwhile. This location is not recommended for any tourists unable to take the heat.

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