This article is a copy of "Letter to the Editor", an official article by Blizzard Entertainment located in the "Gadgetzan Times" of the old website.

Letter to the Editor

Every month, readers send in their responses to issues raised in our magazine. This month, Fingle Pixelbeans, writes in to let us know what he thinks of our articles on goblin engineering.

Dear Sir,

I feel I must protest at the nature of the previous edition of the Gadgetzan Times. I am a gnome engineer living in Ironforge.

I must totally contradict the statement that "goblin engineering is the only true form of engineering." There is only one true form of engineering, it is true, but everybody knows that the only true form of engineering is gnomish engineering! Any fool can make things blow up. Designing and creating the gizmos and gadgets that we gnomes are famous for, takes true skill.

As for Gadgetzan being the center of the engineering world, I'm afraid I must refute this statement as being complete claptrap! The beautiful city of Gnomeregan has always been the center of the engineering world, and always will be! Well... perhaps when we have reclaimed it. This project is taking more time than was originally anticipated, but someday we will succeed and we will return to our glorious city! Oh yes!

But I digress. Sir, I feel obliged to ask you to not print such rubbish about engineering in the future, and to give ample column space in the future to the only true form of engineering: gnomish!

Yours in faith,

Master Fingle Pixelbeans