This article is a copy of "Marah's Musings", an official article by Blizzard Entertainment located in the "Gadgetzan Times" of the old website.

Marah's Musings

Fara Boltbreaker braves the wilds of the desert region of Durotar to bring us the words of Marah, an elder troll mage who spends her time counselling and helping new mages. Take a moment to read what Marah has to say.

DUROTAR – Magi have been one of the world's most valued professions for aeons. As part of calling greater attention to the role that magi have played and continue to play in our societies, Gadgetzan Times sent Fara Boltbreaker into the arid region of Durotar to obtain an interview with Marah, a troll mage who volunteers to teach new magi.

Fara Boltbreaker, the Gadgetzan Times: "Good afternoon, Marah. Thank you for agreeing to this interview."
Marah: "Don' mention it, mon. 'Tis notta problem atall."
Boltbreaker: "Well, thank you, regardless. So, what made you decide to become a mage?"
Marah: "Well, it was like dis. When I'se a li'l troll, na' much tallah than you, I used ta watch da magi an' de witchdoctors do magic. Twas fasc'natin', mon, fasc'natin'. I decided right den and there dat I was gonna be like them."
Boltbreaker: "Interesting. What was your training like?"
Marah: "My trainin' was good. I had a great teacher, mon. After I finished my trainin', I decided that my place was to be helpin' new magi here in Durotar. I try to 'member my teacher 'cuz he was a good troll, mon, and I try to be like him, teachin' new magi what dey need to be knowin' in dis here world."
Boltbreaker: "So you teach in honor of your teacher. What a wonderful memorial this must be to him. Could you tell us a bit about your 'students?'"
Marah: "My 'students', mon, dey be some…in-ter-estin' folks. Lotsa them are smart, quick to be learnin', all dat. Some of dem, though…well, some of dem act like dey been hit by the stupid stick once too many times."
Boltbreaker: "Really? Stupid magi?"
Marah: "Dere are stupid magi just like dere are stupid anybodies. Lemme tell you a story, mon. One time, dere was dis new mage. He had got himself a second helpin' of stupid at the buffet table. I knew I shouldn't've done it, but I told him about an ice spell. Dat fool learnt it and den went around makin' ice ev'rywhere! Den, he got up close to da Burning Blade Coven and got his fool self kilt 'cause he was out of mana from makin' ice in de desert."
Boltbreaker: "So, magi should conserve their mana for important things?"
Marah: "'xactly. Some magi be runnin' 'round makin' water, makin' food, going', "oh, look at me! I kin make t'ings!" and then dey run smack up inta a monster and get whupped. Magi need to 'member to be conservin' dey mana for fighting monsters and helping friends, not showin' off."
Boltbreaker: "Have any of your 'students' ever come back to thank you?"
Marah: "Yeah. Lotsa dem have. Just las' week one of my 'students' came back and told me 'bout how he and his guild tried to take down Onyxia. He thanked me for all de lessons I gave him 'bout learnin' de enemy and de enemy's weaknesses and strengths. He said dat if I hadn't rammed dat lesson through his thick skull, he'da died long 'go."
Boltbreaker: "How sweet. Well, we're out of time. Thank you for talking to me."
Marah: "No problem, mon. Jus' remember: magi be powerful if they be smart."