This article is a copy of "The Servants of Azora", an official article by Blizzard Entertainment located in the "Gadgetzan Times" of the old website.

The Servants of Azora

The air sizzles as arcane energy flows through it. All at once the sky is too bright to look at and too dark to see. The raw, channeled energy surges past, and the great mage calls forth the power to his fingertips. His hands glow and the energy swells to bursting point and just as you think the world will explode he utters a word of power and the energy is released. The mage, exhausted from the effort, smiles happily with a sense of achievement, then sits down to eat his newly conjured sandwich.

Sarah's Dinner

With all the focus on the raw channeling powers of the magic users of Azeroth we decided it was time to have a look at the other side of the magic world. The Gadgetzan Times caught up with Sarah Templeworth and Ginger McGrubbins, servants of their master in the Tower of Azora, to see how life in the world of magic has affected their everyday lives.

"Well," says Sarah, "our glorious master was having guests for dinner and I found myself assigned to the task of cooking a wonderful meal for them to enjoy. I spent weeks," she continued, "finding the best ingredients and researching the best recipes in order to give them a meal to remember. On the special day, I was in the kitchen for 16 hours balancing everything perfectly and, only when I was certain that the meal would dance on their palettes, did I allow it to be served."

There is a moment of hesitation from the chef and Ginger McGrubbins told us that this is not an easy subject for Sarah to discuss. We waited patiently for her to gather her wits and continue her story.

"Everything was fine at first, the guests were eager with anticipation at the aromas which I had created and, after everyone had received their servings, our master invited them all to 'tuck in.' That is when it happened."

She paused briefly, taking a deep breath, before providing us with the conclusion to the tale.

"Without even having tasted the food placed in front of him, our master clicks his fingers and conjures a muffin!"

We then questioned a visibly shaken Sarah as to the significance of this and she gives a venomous reply,

"He claims it was to add 'variety' to the meal. All my hard work and he conjures a muffin! To add variety! If I had my way there would have been no muffins within a hundred miles of that feast!"

Life Among The Magi

With that she stormed off, clearly distressed by the lack of understanding amongst the attendants at the interview.

After stifling a giggle, Ginger explains:

"It's difficult for non-magic users, like Sarah and I, to work in an environment which relies so heavily on the stuff. I was originally employed as a cleaner but after I swept two types of magic dust into the same bucket I was moved to gardening. Honestly, you'd think they had never seen a bucket cast chain lightning in a desperate bid to return to freedom in the forest!

"The gardens weren't much safer," she added. "We found ourselves fighting off creeping vines and the occasional butterfly that had gotten too close to one of the masters' experiments"

"All in all it's a hard life." She reflects "I've seen my fair share of mishaps and it can be difficult making a living when the normal household tasks can be performed by others with a click of the fingers but, I'll tell you this, I wouldn't swap it for anything."